1v1.LOL Mod APK 4.24 (God Mode/Menu)

Build defensive structures and take first place in the royal battle! Download 1v1.LOL APK and do everything to survive. Hide, build and shoot.

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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoGod Mode


1v1.LOL is an online third-person shooter where you have to be logical and strategize as you build your way around the map and compete against other players. Create obstacles for enemies, walls and platforms. Maintain your defense and don’t forget about the battle strategy to earn an advantage. The main game mode is battle royale. Here the winner will be the last player standing!

Compete in Royal Battle

The rules in the game depend on the mode. In most missions, you have to fight in the battle royale mode. Here your task is to become the last survivor and destroy all opponents. Choose any weapon and join the battle! The game has a special ax to destroy the walls of opponents. In addition to weapons, you will have four types of building blocks: wall, ramp, platform and panel.

1v1.LOL Android

The battle royale mode is tactical and competitive. Ability to build obstacles quickly and efficiently is very important, as well as accurate aiming and instant reaction. Hone your shooting and building skills. Become the only survivor in the royal battle and raise your rating among gamers!

Participate in all game modes

There are three main game modes in 1v1.LOL. BR Duos lets you play with your friends in a 2v2 battle royale. Invite your friends and see who will be the winner! 1v1 is the most frequently visited game mode. Compete for the first place in the royal battle. Box 2v2 focuses more on crafting and building than combat. In addition to the main modes, there are also additional ones.

JustBuild lets you practice building obstacles without gunfights to hone your skills to the limit. Aim Trainer improves aiming and reaction. Train your shooting skill to take first place in the battle royale. The last mode is Party. It allows you to create a private game and fight only with your friends! 1v1.LOL modes are regularly updated and replenished. Fight for the first place and become the best player!

1v1.LOL Download

New but popular game

1v1.LOL is a unique multiplayer shooter. The game quickly gained an audience and climbed to the first places on gaming websites. Gamers appreciated the new concept of royal battle with sandbox elements. Therefore, the creators decided to develop further in this direction. Playing in all modes, you can develop your accuracy and concentration skills. The game has a wide variety of cards, each with its own characteristics.

You can change the name of your character, his appearance and choose the best weapon to destroy all the enemies in your path. Get positive emotions by inviting friends to the game. The developers have done everything possible to make the game with friends interesting. Play free and buy items from inventory for in-game currency. Be sure to have a pleasant and useful time!

Place blocks and kill enemies

1v1.LOL is an unusual game in its genre. Unlike most battle royale-style shooters, there are building elements here. You need to put special blocks to protect yourself from other players. Design your own buildings, making them unique. The main thing is not to forget about the protective properties of your building. Establish good relations with your neighbors and destroy enemy buildings. All actions in the game take place from a third person. This allows you to monitor what is happening actively.

1v1.LOL Mod

Players recently asked to add a free camera to the game. The developers have listened to the requests of gamers and are now working on a completely new gameplay. This game has several interesting features that have won the hearts of gamers.

Players can explore a whole arsenal of free weapons. Pick the one that fits perfectly with your own strategy and unique play style. Don’t forget to reload your weapons. After all, developers tried to create 1v1.LOL as believable as possible, conveying all the weapon features. You have to fight with other players and complete quests in all locations. All players are real people with whom you can even chat, so you don’t have to play with bots. Enjoy every second in this extraordinary online shooter. The gameplay is simple, comfortable and accessible with focus on users of all ages. Become the winner in the most unusual royal battle!

Mod Info

Stay always alive with God Mode option.

Download 1v1.LOL Mod APK


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