Adorable Home Mod APK 1.21.5 (Unlimited Money/Hearts)

Move to a new house and decorate it, as you want by downloading Adorable Home APK. Watch your pet, earn money and enjoy your life.

NameAdorable Home
Size99 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money/Hearts


Adorable Home is a beautiful charming simulation where you will interact directly with the newlyweds. They just arrived in a new house, so they do not know many of the features and nuances of the repair. You have to take them under your wing, and then make their habitat as comfortable as possible. If you want to feel like a designer, learn how to pick things up and relax, then this game is for you.

Create your characters

First, it is proposed to choose a character, one of eight. Click on the one you like the most to start the game. Adjust the skin tone for it and come up with a name. After setting up the main character, you can choose your soul mate by determining the color of the skin and the name. You have to manage this small family, including a cute white kitten.

Adorable Home Android

Cat’s happiness is the key to success

Now that everything is ready, your adventure will begin. The starting point will be the day you move into your new home. Finally, you have a spacious home. Ahead is a joyful life, pleasant chores, adventures. First, tidy up, freeing the area from unnecessary boxes.

Remember that animals need to be looked after. Each action in Adorable Home is a fun mini-game. Feed (the better the food, the more love), stroke (some places on the body are untouchable, avoid them) and bathe (carefully monitor the water temperature).

Regularly replenish the pet’s bowl, and it will give the owners a lot of love in return. Love in Adorable Home is a valuable resource that you can obtain not only from cats, but also from other family members.

Customize your home

According to the plot, you have to get acquainted with the newlyweds who moved into their own home. They have minimal luggage with them, boundless love for each other, and a charming kitty. You have to spend a lot of effort and skills on changing the interior of the premises, selecting furniture, designing rooms and much more.

Adorable Home Download

First, you need to divide the premises into categories, purchase furniture and necessary equipment for them, and then proceed to equip the future home.

If you approach the process carefully and responsibly, then soon your will achieve success. Do not be afraid of difficulties, because you have a wonderful family ready to support you in any situation.

Interesting financial system

Buying everything you need in Adorable Home turns out for special points called love points. Earn them for various household chores. Wash dishes, cook dinner, communicate with your soulmate. Earning them is quite simple, but it is not always possible to do it quickly.

Find out the fastest ways to earn this currency, trying to satisfy all your desires. When you learn how to do everything correctly and quickly, then the house will be habitable. After that, all think about the establishment of offspring. Try to do everything honestly, because new residents will inherit this house.

Take care of the head of the family

It will not be easy to maintain such a household with the money saved, so the characters have go to work. The husband is engaged in the extraction of money, while the wife devoted herself entirely to the household.

Adorable Home Mod

Every day in Adorable Home the husband goes to work. It is very important not to let him go hungry. Gather tasty food in a bento box for your husband to have a bite to eat at lunch. Combine different foods like onigiri, meatballs, pies, sandwiches, burgers, salads and more. Add first, second, appetizers, desserts. The better the bento, the more love you get in return.

Incredibly user-friendly interface

Pay attention to the icon in the lower right part of the screen. This is a menu, opening which you can view several sections:

  • Every day you can get an additional number of hearts, depending on what the weather is like outside.
  • Living room. Main location.
  • A new location that costs 3000 love units.
  • Buy many cute interior items for hearts, for example, a TV, bedside table, lamp.
  • With a compact camera, you can capture the highlights of life while preserving the memory of a wonderful time.
  • Adjust the volume of background music, sound effects, change the language and choose other characters.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money/Hearts for all your needs.

Download Adorable Home Mod APK


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