AFK Arena Mod APK 1.91.01 (Unlimited Gems)

AFK Arena is an interesting game that sends a person into a fictional world. Confront various monsters and demons that have captured the planet.

NameAFK Arena
CategoryRole Playing
Size99 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Gems


AFK Arena is a mobile app created in the genre of a role-playing game. You have to fight different monsters and survive in a world in which there was a global catastrophe. After the start, player finds himself in a fabulous city called Esperia. Become a real commander in chief, as under your leadership is a whole army of soldiers.

Bring back peace to the troubled lands

Demons attacked the fairy-tale world and arrived on the planet from another civilization. All of humanity rises to fight monsters, as this is a disaster for absolutely everyone. Six factions take part in the game at once. Each of them has a main character who leads the entire army. In addition to battles, players have to look for treasures and various items.

AFK Arena Android

AFK Arena is a turn-based role-playing strategy where whole groups fight battles. The project has all the elements that are inherent in this type of game genre. Developers paid special attention to the graphics and here it is perfect. This is one of the most striking distinguishing features of the app compared to analogues.

Choose and upgrade characters

Each character has his own personal qualities, you can learn about them from the dialog boxes that pop up after the battle or the completion of the mission. This creates an additional atmosphere that fascinates and intrigues from the very beginning. The developers of the project tried to ensure that the participants were not bored. To do this, they created several different gameplay modes at once. You can choose a single battle, team, participate in a league or fight with other users.

The most important thing to do systematically is to make improvements. Do it with help of funds credited to the player after completing a mission or winning a battle. If you do not upgrade the elements of weapons, then you cannot count on winning the tournament.

AFK Arena Download

Fascinating plot

AFK Arena has a storyline, but it will seem familiar to many according to a template. There is evil in the game to fight and there are heroes who fight bravely. Not everything according to the standard, but this interferes with users. The most important thing in this genre is the gameplay itself.

After starting the project, the system begins to conduct an acquaintance with the plot and shows the main tools. At the very beginning, the main character’s army has only one fighter, but after the first mission, a reward appears. Your army increases significantly in numbers. In the future, it all depends on the gamer himself. You can still join the ranks of soldiers or improve existing soldiers.

Well-developed combat system

There are no special difficulties at the beginning. Fights go easily, as well as victory. As the player’s rating increases, the battles become more difficult. To win them, you have to devote a lot of time to the development of your troops.

AFK Arena Mod

The gameplay itself is not much different from similar projects. You have to complete missions, participate in battles with various monsters or other users. System conducts battles independently, but the super blow is what a player can make himself. Thanks to the excellent graphics, it is extremely pleasant to watch the battles.

Each hero in AFK Arena has a certain super blow – this is throwing daggers or a fiery rain. It all depends on the chosen protagonist. It is not recommended to use this feature unless necessary. This is because after making one hit, you must wait until its scale is filled with a new one. It doesn’t take long, but sometimes the battle ends before the power reload itself.

Go through the maze

It is worth noting that AFK Arena has a completely new mode called the labyrinth. If it goes well, then the gamer receives a reward. To increase the chances of winning, it is worth sending a warrior with excellent technical characteristics and not making a mistake with the choice of the desired cell.

Of the two possible, it is worth standing on one, which continues the movement of soldier in space. However, you cannot relax, because hero can meet different monsters to fight. Then you need to call the army for help. Combat takes place exactly like in other game modes. In order to compete with other players adequately, it is worth making improvements to the hero’s abilities, his ammunition, as well as pumping the soldiers.

Mod Info

Unlimited Gems.

Download AFK Arena Mod APK


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