Age of Magic Mod APK 1.44 (Megamenu/God Mode)

Age of Magic is an exciting turn-based strategy where gamers have to fight against enemies. Just choose your side and start your journey.

NameAge of Magic
CategoryRole Playing
Size166 Mb
PublisherPlaykot LTD
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoMegamenu/God Mode


Age of Magic is a mobile role-playing game in the fantasy genre. Players have to travel to an amazing and mysterious world. Make a difficult choice – take the side of dark force or choose the light side. Regardless of this, become the head of your own team, which consists of five characters. Together with them, go on a journey and pass difficult tests. Explore the dungeons, which are extremely easy to get into, but getting out of them is quite problematic. There are battles with monsters or other project participants.

Create a character

Age of Magic is a game that has no limits, as it provides complete freedom. The main task is to get ahead of rivals and heroically fight enemies, seize foreign territory and extract resources.

Age of Magic Android

At the very beginning, you have the opportunity to choose a character to manage. The system provides information on the main character and tells his entertaining story. Together with him, the player sends towards adventures, from which it astounds you sometimes.

Choose your side

The authors of the project did not limit the player and provided an amazing opportunity to choose whose side he wants to take. There are two of them in the game – this is the power of light and darkness. The outcome depends entirely on what choice the gamer makes. If he takes the side of the world, then his main task is to save it. In case when he fights on the side of darkness, he must destroy all living things so that nothing beautiful remains on earth.

Darkness and Light have been competing with each other for a long time, which creates a truly fascinating reality, from which it is impossible to tear oneself away even for a single second. At the beginning of the journey. Age of Magic makes it possible to choose only one character, and to continue to study this civilization with him.

Rolando is a character belonging to the forces of light. You need to help him get to the castle and restore order. If you do not want to be a savior, then there is a hero named Shanazar. He is a representative of the dark force, so he goes to any tricks and meanness to get his way. Shanazar easily commits murders so that Darkness rules in the state.

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Fascinating plot

Age of Magic is a role-playing game and it has a story. Here the main character has to fight against various characters and monsters. Earn rewards and form a rating. Increase your level in case of victory. Your hero has many enemies, so defeat them all. However, it is possible to create alliances, and old enemies can be great helpers in the fight. Such an alliance can defeat all ill-wishers.

Another player can show the qualities of an entrepreneur. During the gameplay, you need to sell the found artifacts. During battles, each participant earns special experience points that help to increase their rating in the standings.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that it is simply impossible to change the main character. In the event that a person realizes that at the initial stage he made a mistake and wants to abandon the character, then it will be better to start gameplay over.

Participate in battles

Battles in Age of Magic take place step by step, certain actions are intended for each gamer. There are two types of combat – this is defense and attack. Player independently chooses the method of conducting the war. It is possible to apply existing skills, as well as move in space. In the event that the gamer lost the battle, then a plot appears on the screen. You can view all the characteristics of the hero by clicking on it. The system shows detailed data about its features.

Age of Magic Mod

Don’t Forget Energy

At some stages, you need to have a certain amount of energy. This scale fills on its own, but it is necessary to wait a certain time. However, there is a way to not wait and continue the game process.

It is worth paying attention to equipment and weapons, as you need to improve it constantly. You can also use the found artifacts and increase the protective characteristics of your ward. This feature allows you to increase the chances of winning the tournament.

There is a certain storyline before the fight and after it. A dialog box appears at the bottom that helps the gamer understand the reasons for the battle, as well as why the battle was lost. Players who earn the most stars for the completed stage have a chance to get a good reward.

Mod Info

Megamenu/God Mode.

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