Archero Mod APK 4.0.3 (God Mode/1-hit Kill)

Travel to a world where the universe itself seems to be intent on destroying you. Be the only force capable of stopping the onset of evil with Archero APK.

Size97 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoGod Mode/1-hit Kill


Archero is a game at the intersection of genres. It combines both an action-RPG and a hyper-casual roguelike. Become a lone archer who is destined to fight evil. Create unique item assemblies. Decide which skills suit your character. Pass puzzles over which you will have to break your head. Most importantly – fight in dungeons teeming with unusual monsters! Ease of management allows even very young users to play.

Luck or skill?

Everything in Archero is like in a real rogue-like: if you die, you have to start over. Defend dungeons, each with 50 levels. Did you die on the penultimate level? It doesn’t matter, because each player has one possibility of resurrection! Comfortable controls give pleasure during passage of the dungeon. A moment of randomness adds excitement to each playthrough.

Archero Android

You are given three random skills to choose from when you level up. However, it depends on the skill whether you can competently arrange and defeat all the monsters in the dungeon. You can try different assemblies repeatedly and find the strongest one!

Unique talents and items

When you level up, you receive a unique talent that generates randomly. These talents will greatly affect gameplay and build choices. Developers paid a lot of attention to abilities. You have the opportunity to create a unique archer. Choose features of arrows, elemental abilities, abilities that increase performance or abilities of spirits and healing.

You can make interesting combos from these skills, greatly enticing you into the gameplay! When passing dungeons, players receive items of different levels that have options to improve. There are countless different items in the game, both unique and simply strong. By pumping skills and items, you can become a tamer of underground monsters.

Archero Download

Nice bonuses from non-player characters

Many NPCs in Archero support you throughout the game. Use their help to get a lot of useful and interesting things. Sometimes a Mysterious Trader appears, allowing you to buy unique items with a big discount for in-game currency. Such gifts allow you to play without cash investments, which makes the game accessible and interesting for everyone.

Large selection of playable characters

There are currently 12 free heroes available to help you defeat the dungeon monsters. Each of them has their own special skill. You can choose a character suitable for you and use it to save the magical world. Avid players set themselves the goal of pumping all the heroes to the maximum level. Level of the playable character depends on the success and the number of completed locations. Change appearance of most heroes. The game has many paid and free skins, which get updates with each battle pass.

Opportunity to play together

Introduction of team play, beloved by players, increased the Archero popularity. Main feature of this mode is that you do not receive power-ups and skills during the passage. You also continue to gain experience and in-game currency. Team mode has over 100 levels with own monsters. Team mode allows you to get levels of the battle pass, which updates every season.

Battle Pass makes the game more eventful, allowing you not to get bored in it even if you are an active user. To upgrade character items, you need materials, which are easy to get. Archero has many free chests with useful goodies. The game is very addictive and saves from boredom. Rogue-like, built on pumping the character and fighting monsters, quickly gained popularity among users.

Pets to help

Each hero has two pets. Obtained them from NPC character or through the chest. Pets bring different benefits and has different levels of power. In addition to helping in the fight against underground monsters, they will delight you with their appearance. Magical pets are divided into races: ghosts, fairies, one-eyed bats, tiny death priests and curious owls.

Archero Mod

The presence of a pet is optional, but it makes a big contribution to the passage of the game. Upgrade pet abilities at the end of each dungeon. Make him an indispensable ally who will repeatedly save the life of your character.

Mod Menu Features

Hacked game provides an opportunity to use built-in menu, which allows you to use 2 cool features:

  • God mode – get thousands of HP and feel free to attack even the strongest enemies.
  • High damage – kill opponents with one hit.

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