Badland Brawl Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Badland Brawl APK is a fun and entertaining casual app, which makes the usual strategy of particular interest from users.

NameBadland Brawl
Size146 Mb
PublisherHypeHype Inc.
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Badland Brawl is an epic adventure competition that true fans of the genre will appreciate. Ahead of the competition, you have to lead your loyal subordinates to an exciting battlefield, where you need to think through the tactics of your fighters. It is important to determine the strategy of action correctly in order to fight the strongest opponents. Thanks to well-thought-out tactical and strategic actions, you will be able to eliminate the opponent’s tower without much difficulty. Earn a certain number of points and take your place in the global list of the best players.

Unique blend of genres

In a certain sense, Badland Brawl belongs to the casual direction. It combine high-quality gameplay, card adventure and strategy based on protecting your own towers. Moreover, you also need to destroy enemy fortifications. The developers decided to make the game more attractive by integrating a series of unique features that allow you to transform the prevailing opinion about the game world and its passage.

Badland Brawl Android

Look at the battlefield from a different angle

The predominant number of such games focuses on the development of events within the same plane. Nobody cares about diversity in terms of space. There are quite a few apps where characters can move in multiple planes. Badland Brawl has straight lines, which have become diverse thanks to the launch of fighters from the catapult.

Send each fighter to destroy enemy objects by launching a soldier from a catapult in the direction of the enemy. Listen to unique sound effects during the soldier flight. Also striking features well-developed physics of desctruction. Watching the gameplay is exciting and entertaining.

Use additional weapons

You can launch not only soldiers, but also weapons at the enemy. For example, you can throw a bomb or a rocket at your opponent, causing massive destruction at the enemy base.

Badland Brawl Download

Such nuances can radically transform the virtual adventure system as a whole. First, the player can carefully control the movement of each character, which leads to a more accurate hit of the soldier on the target. In addition, vertical elements make the app amazing.

You are encouraged to use a wide range of combat units. There are soldiers who are able to fly, but there are also those who quickly move on the surface of the earth. In addition, a wide selection of weapons will pleasantly surprise you including air and ground ammunition.

Aim well

Some moves and items in Badland Brawl have special talents. For example, jumping significantly complicates the life of heroes who are in a state of flight. It is important to shoot accurately at the opponent. Any mistakes made during the sight can reduce percentage of hitting the enemy. In parallel, the risk that the opponent can win the battle will increase.

An equally important factor is the choice of a character who will go to storm the enemy’s towers. If the hero is chosen incorrectly, the enemy will immediately attack the user’s towers and cause considerable damage. In the case when you choses projectile correctly, there is no doubt about the player’s victory.

Choose your characters wisely

Do not forget about the secret elements. Collect victory Eggs immediately after elimination of enemy tower. These items may include new heroes, support weapons, and other rewards.

Badland Brawl Mod

To get a mysterious reward from an egg, you need to put it on a timer. It is necessary to wait a certain time until it will be possible to pick up a nice bonus. The gameplay will not be the same. Not only battles with bots are available, but also online competitions. The competition can take place within the arena, that is, 1v1 or in the form of a team fight according to the 2v2 system.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

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