Be A Billionaire: Sea Adventures & Trading is now on Android

Be a Billionare release

MODO Studio has released Be a Billionaire on smartphones. It allows you to feel like the captain of a medieval ship plowing the seas and oceans. In addition, you can retire with a house cleaner between voyages.

Be A Billionaire is a mobile project for Android, which is available in Southeast Asia. It offers the development of a bay from which you can receive money. Of course, it is difficult for one, so you need to upgrade assistants, which reminds Genshin Impact a little. You spend special books with experience, only they offer an elderly butler instead of a waifu.

In general, Be a Billionaire allows players to collect a large roster of all kinds of pirates and adventurers. They differ in elements, which is clearly useful in battles. You can also swim in this project, but you will not be able to control the ship yourself. Just tap on the acceleration button. The developers also promise romantic connections with local NPCs, and the opportunity to create an excellent harbor.

As for the online elements, the game has nothing. Instead, you can send gifts to the house cleaner and look at her sexy model. Things do not go beyond this, and you can buy other girls through the store or pumping the VIP status.

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