Bed Wars Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Download Bed Wars APK and make everything to win the tournament against other teams. Tke part in bloody fest in the bedroom.

NameBed Wars
Size114 Mb
PublisherBlockman GO studio
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Bed Wars is an advanced development from Blockman Go Studio. Here the player appears as a fighter who has to go through dynamic tests. Pixel rendering is typical for most of the creations, which is why it became popular in action as well. The character control system is typical, but there are still features. Each team has to fight during the battle for the main attribute of the bedroom.

Get resources

Use extraction and collection of resources in order to form special items. For example, sometimes you need to build a bridge in order to get closer to the enemy and capture his base. At each stage of the struggle, four teams enter the battlefield in parallel, which can include virtual characters or real people.

Bed Wars Android

The developers of Bed Wars focused on those who like to shoot in real time. The availability of navigation panel and controller allows even a beginner to get used to the virtual world. The classic sandbox style does not imply a well-formed plot. Basic tool of internal interaction is the continuous struggle that arises between representatives of the four groups.

Defeat all your enemies

The general idea of Bed Wars is not difficult to understand. Once on the battlefield, the hero needs to start eliminating enemy combat units. It is necessary to remove as many opponents as possible, using any available means. The winner is the members of the group that managed to survive during the round, simultaneously destroying all the soldiers of the enemies.

The bed is the base for every squad. Fighters reborn near this object until the very moment the fight ends.

Teamwork is the key to success

To succeed, you have to work in team mode. At the same time, sixteen people appear who independently choose a suitable squad for themselves. The groups are on their own islands separated from the enemies by irresistible landscape elements. In a word, you can get to the enemy only after building the bridge.

Get the basic task of collecting a certain amount of resources. Next, the bridge is being constructed, after which the path to the enemy base will become available. The soldiers are going on a dangerous adventure to destroy the villains hiding on the island.

Bed Wars Download

Earn tactical advantage

A successful tactic and strategy of action in Bed Wars can become a reality only through the coordinated actions of the entire team. When fighters cannot come to an understanding, they will have a time pressure. It will not work to collect resources and build a bridge and enemies can attack at any second. Therefore, ensure that disagreements do not arise.

It is easy to understand that each player must concentrate his attention on finding the elements of the structure having landed on the island. The developers have provided for a wide range of resource units. You need to collect, gold, jewelry, stone, wood and more. Such finds are useful not only in the case when you need to build something. Use these items to obtain tools, equipment and weapons. Exchange everything for useful things that will help you remain the strongest fighter.

Set traps and obstacles for enemies

Equally important is the provision of protection for a key location – the bed. Guarding is not required. It is enough to build all kinds of traps around the base element that will help prevent capture. A large number of hidden defense tricks will help you complete the main task – to protect the bed from enemies or destroyers.

The control system in Bed Wars does not cause problems in the field of its development. In fact, the scheme of actions is identical to a banal shooter, where everything focuses on constant shooting. Pleasant additions were the elements of discovering and collecting resources, as well as items that are necessary to start the construction process.

Build a decent fortification

Naturally, you should not completely focus on the shots. Without building a structure and collecting useful resources, it is almost impossible to win a difficult confrontation.

Bed Wars Mod

You should not relax especially if you managed to eliminate one of the enemy bases. The passage of the mission will continue, because four teams are fighting on the map at the same time.

It is desirable to attack the bases of opponents in turn. Having eliminated one ill-wisher, you should immediately move on to killing the next one. At the same time, you need to protect your island, because there is a key object, the destruction of which is equivalent to defeat.

Upgrade your character

One of the basic features of Bed Wars is integration of in-game store. Here you can find many items of equipment and tools. In a word, everything is useful for eliminating enemies and building a bridge. Pay particular attention to traps. Tricky items allow you to organize a reliable bed protection system, which opens up opportunities for using more fighters when attacking the enemy.

Having won, the squad receives a certain amount of rating. Earned points arise on the general leaderboard, which is located on the developer’s server. You have to make a huge effort to be on the list of the best players.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

Download Bed Wars Mod APK


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