Block City Wars Mod APK 7.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Give freedom to fantasy – be the head of the underworld. Download Block City Wars APK and make you way to the crime top using all accessible methods.

NameBlock City Wars
Size250 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Block City Wars is a unique 3D action game in the style of GTA. Explore the endless city and fight with other gamers in online modes. This game features a large amount of different content, features and modes what makes it popular with gamers around the world. Have fun in the best traditions of the action genre. Complete exciting tasks from mafia leaders and ride only the coolest cars. You can even become the head of an open crime city!

Large selection of content

Block City Wars puts you in control of over fifty vehicles among which there will be cool sports cars, bikes, tractors and even tanks. Shoot from 100 types of weapons. Choose your play style: become a silent sniper, a thug with a machete or a maniac with a grenade launcher and a flamethrower. It is up to you whom to be in the criminal world, as the game does not put any restrictions in front of you. Play over 10 game modes with completely different gameplay from survival shooting to building sandbox. Stock up on the best weapons to gain power in the city.

Block City Wars Android

You can buy unique equipment and the most powerful armor for game currency. The higher your rating, the stronger the weapons available to you. What is a gangster without his own car? Choose your favorite transport, run over your enemies in a car or tank or drive around a big city on a motorcycle. It was the most powerful vehicle, but this year the developers have added robots that are almost impossible to destroy. Choose the coolest vehicle and conquer the city.

Fight in all modes

You can choose any of the available game modes. Complete missions and gain experience to advance to the big leagues. Complete tasks of the mafia and gain prestige in a single player game. Kill competitors and ill-wishers by any means. Civilians will also walk around the city. Kill them or not – your choice. Keep in mind that if you harm a civilian, a police will declare a hunt on you, adding you on the wanted list. The game has a secret military base that keeps many secrets. Explore it while hiding from the government and the military.

Visit an abandoned zombie city where you have to complete the missions of surviving citizens and clean up the city from the undead. However, be careful, the zombies are very aggressive and the more civilians die, the more brain-eaters become. The strength of Block City Wars is a huge selection of game options. Compete in a variety of modes, arrange tank races, play with friends and create your own maps in the sandbox. The game has over ten million satisfied users. Spend time with pleasure without any restrictions by choosing your favorite style of play.

Block City Wars Download

The most unusual gameplay

The developers wanted to create an original mixture of GTA and Minecraft in the style of action shooter. Moreover, they undoubtedly succeeded in achieving high quality of the project. This game is famous among gamers from all over the world, if only because there are no similar applications on the market. Block City Wars combines the best of shooter, action, battle royale and sandbox.

You can create your own hero, choose a first or third person view and dress up your character in the coolest skins. Play on a wide variety of city maps. Gather your team for battles and compete with your friends. Create your most dangerous criminal gang and conquer this online criminal world.

Mafia, zombies and robots

Choose the coolest skin for yourself and go into a wild battle with a full flight of fancy. The smell of gunpowder and the rustle of banknotes are waiting for you! Participate in multiplayer battles against zombies, killing all the undead on your way. Discover a new world in this free game. Become participants in confrontations between criminals, thieves, zombies and people. Participate in the battles of titans and robots. Unique tank battles and street races are available for everyone in the game, for which you can get great rewards and achievements.

Block City Wars Mod

Play soccer on wheels with your friends and compete for the title of winner. Keep up live communication with players from all over the world using voice chat! The game has a lot of features and advantages harmoniously combined with each other. It is different from other games. Block City Wars is exciting, as it is impossible to tear yourself away from it. Everyone will find something to do in this huge open world with complete freedom of action.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money – start the game as a rich man.

Download Block City Wars Mod APK


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