Brawl Stars Mod APK 44.242 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Participate in different types of battles for a huge reward and become the best in leadership table with legendary Brawl Stars APK.

NameBrawl Stars
Size342 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.3
Mod Info- Unlimited Money
- Unlimited Gems


Brawl Stars is a unique action arcade game where you have to face millions of players around the world. Supercell took a risk and created something new that can combine both arcade elements and the gameplay of a full-fledged online shooter. Graphic design may remind you of the graphics of other studio projects, among which are Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Everything that happens looks extremely cute and exciting here, although characters fight each other to the death.

No time to explain fight

The fact that online shooters are not able to offer their players intelligible storylines is not new for every gamer. You have to participate in competitive matches without dialogues, story scenes and so on. Each individual fight will be a new page in your history within the framework of this project. Brawl Stars offers you many unique game modes for which you need to select your specific tactics and set of heroes.

Brawl Stars Android

Here you will also find a ranking system that clearly shows the level of skills and player abilities. You will also come across a democratic way to open new characters. The developer noticeably tried to ensure that personal skill and not player’s wallet decided outcome of the battle.

Numerous game modes

The gameplay of Brawl Stars comes down to controlling one character and making everything necessary to achieve victory. Here you will find nine full-fledged modes implemented on fifty-nine unique maps:

  • Gem Grab – take control of ten crystals generated by the mine and hold them for fifteen seconds to achieve victory.
  • Showdown – classic team death match.
  • Bounty – collect stars falling from defeated opponents. Collect more stars than the enemy team.
  • Brawl ball – you need to score two goals against your opponent to win.
  • Heist – destroy the enemy’s safe to get the coveted treasure;
  • Siege – players need to destroy the enemy base, guarded by turrets.
  • Boss fight – plunge into the battle with a powerful boss controlled by AI.
  • Big game – this mode is similar to the previous one, but here a real player acts as a boss;
  • Robo Rumble – players need to protect their base with a safe from waves of opponents..

You cannot win without a strategy

Each map is a limited playing field, which contains obstacles, necessary buildings, spawn points for both teams and much more. It is noteworthy that you can destroy the entire environment after a few well-aimed shots or strikes. This fact allows skilled gamers to pave themselves additional paths and loopholes to the enemy base.

Brawl Stars Download

The battlefield in Brawl Stars is only visible from above, which helps opponents to disguise themselves. You need to look for the enemy in his ambushes. Move from one dense bush to another only in dashes without slamming by planting a powerful charge into a stationary target. It often turns out to be appropriate to jump out at the enemy one-on-one. In this case, the one who shoots faster using a special auto-attack option wins. You need to change position, hide, set traps, but try not to fall into them yourself.

Extensive character upgrade options

Here you can choose from twenty-six characters. You can get them by opening chests that become available either after a certain number of victories or for real money. You can also get skins for heroes, which do not affect the characteristics in any way. However, such an approach can noticeably change appearance of the fighters.

There are no universal characters in Brawl Stars, so you have to be smart and dexterous in order to choose the most suitable mode and location for the data. All the necessary skills and victories will surely come when the player gains experience. Learn characteristics of each hero and gradually test everyone, one by one, in combat conditions. In addition, to the extent that gamer achieves success, upgrade characters, making them more powerful, thus strengthening the player.

Brawl Stars Mod

Your reaction plays an important role in the process, because you need to not only press the attack button, but also choose its direction. If you miss, you risk taking damage that is incompatible with life. This will bring defeat to your team in the end. You have to learn to win, because your opponent will be the same real player with his own tactical developments.

Mod Info

Play on a private server with unlimited resources:

  • Unlimited Tickets.
  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Gems.

Download Brawl Stars Mod APK


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