Bullet Echo Mod APK 4.8.1 (Unlimited Money)

Download Bullet Echo Mod APK and enjoy tons of gameplay features. Try cool innovations and participated in different game modes.

NameBullet Echo
Size137 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 6.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Bullet Echo is an extraordinary top-down shooter where you can collect unique heroes and take part in a variety of modes filled with spectacular gunfights. In this competitive project, the developer decided not to add any plot component. Be ready to immerse in session gameplay. In the main menu, you can immediately decide on the game mode. There are modes in which you will not have allies, and there are those in which you definitely need to be part of a group.

Amazing variety of gameplay features

We can safely say that in some modes you will receive more rewards than in others. This is due to the duration. If the match lasts a maximum of five minutes, then you will obviously receive less currency and resources for it than in a longer battle royale. It deserves special mention that the developer decided not to resort to the formula of classic shooters, so the variety of modes here is extremely large.

Bullet Echo Android

The process of obtaining new characters in Bullet Echo has a form of obtaining special cards from chests. If you collect enough character cards, then you can upgrade it. As you can see, in terms of collecting heroes, ZeptoLab decided not to reinvent the wheel. Now, the project is actively developing, so you don’t have to worry about the monotony of the gameplay.

Cool innovations in shooter mode

If we talk about the gameplay of Bullet Echo, then we must immediately say about the variety of local modes. As you already understood, you will enjoy the local skirmishes from above. This technique will open up an additional view in front of you, which will allow you to respond to the appearance of opponents.

Another interesting technique was the use of darkness in locations. Your hero will have not only a faithful rifle, but also with a flashlight that will allow him to distinguish enemies in the darkness. The gameplay techniques described above are used here in every game mode.

Bullet Echo Download

Start with a battle royale

Battle Royale opens the list of Bullet Echo modes. Five teams of three players each take part in it. If you want, you can join a group with your friends. If you don’t have friends who want to play, then random players will be added to your team. The battle will go on until the last surviving team remains on the map.

If your comrade dies, then you can resurrect him for some time. A certain kind of Royal battle here is the King of the Hill. Up to twelve fighters take part in this mode, each of which fights without allies. The winner will be the one who remains the last survivor.

Variety of game modes

You will be pleased with the mode and Wall to wall. This mode is a kind of team fight. Ten users divided into two teams of five people attend it. This battle will last until one of the teams destroys all of its rivals. In this mode, you will be able to resurrect allies, although a small amount of time will be allotted for this.

Bullet Echo Mod

Sabotage mode is a direct continuation of Wall-to-Wall. In this mode, one team is attacking and the other is defending. The attackers must make every effort to plant a bomb in a certain area of ​​the map, and the defenders will have to stop this business. There is also a Special Operations mode in Bullet Echo, which regularly offers users new rules.

Win to get better

You will receive cups, which are analogous to rating points for victories in modes. As you accumulate cups, your rank displayed in your profile will also increase. Increasing the rank promises you an increase in those same rewards and an increase in the chances of obtaining rare characters. With the proceeds, you can buy special chests from which you can get cards of various heroes. In this case, you can rely solely on luck.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

Download Bullet Echo Mod APK


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