Cafeland — World Kitchen Mod APK 2.2.42 (Unlimited Money)

Cafeland – World Kitchen is an economic strategy game where the player has to manage a small cafe. Help the heroes develop and promote their business.

NameCafeland — World Kitchen
Size98 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Cafeland – World Kitchen invites you to lead your own small cafe and bring it to universal fame. The mission of the player here is to provide quality and timely service to visitors who come to the establishment to try the most delicious food in the city. Make it so that customers regularly want to dine at your cafe. Experiment with the menu by introducing new positions. Create a whole network of catering points by opening new establishments. Get incredible profits from your activities and improve the decoration in existing establishments. Become the owner of prestigious awards and invite famous personalities to advertise.

Combine hobby and business

Become the owner of your own chain of fast food outlets. Here you have the opportunity to master the basic methods of making money in business, thanks to which you will be able to fulfill the most incredible dreams. Get together and show the maximum of your abilities in Cafeland – World Kitchen. To create an institution, you will only need a couple of minutes of free time. Then you can start to develop the business and advertise it among the population.

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You have to experiment a lot to attract visitors. Create and bring to life the most original idea. Beat your competitors with your uniqueness.

Make your visitors happy

You will assume the position of the head of a small cafe. Your journey as an entrepreneur is just beginning. Main task in Cafeland – World Kitchen is to get as many good reviews as possible from visitors in order to ensure an excellent reputation for the institution. The further success of the business and the final assessment directly depend on this factor. For this reason, you need to complete daily tasks regularly.

Regularly introduce original innovations and try to find unusual solutions. Each negative review can put an end to your work. In the event of such a development of events, you have to work hard to correct the situation. For this reason, you need to take matters into your own hands and start working.

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There is always room for competition

Together with assistants, you need to study other cafes in order to understand the advantages of competitors. View similar establishments in person and innovate to outperform them in every way. Create a unique idea for your cafe.

There is a tab with current tasks in the upper left corner of the game window. You will be able to notice it as soon as you start the game Cafeland – World Kitchen. Try to deal with them as quickly as possible. Thanks to this, you can get additional experience points, as well as game currency, which you can use for buying all sorts of improvements.

Click on the profile icon to open the tab with characteristics of your institution,. The list of current skills increases over time, after acquiring the corresponding skills. Regularly compare different solutions to get the best result.

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Invite celebrities

Once you can get an average rating score, you will have the opportunity to invite a celebrity to rate the quality of the cafe. This way you can become even more popular by earning extra points.

The process of cooking does not require your direct participation, so you can focus on other aspects of the game. You only need to activate the stove and add the necessary ingredients to the container.

Expand your business

You have the opportunity to increase the area of ​​the adjacent territory by acquiring it. If you do not have enough virtual money, then you can simplify your task by depositing real money. There is nothing difficult in this.

You are not required to interact with the game interface regularly. Just activate pop-ups and complete tasks. If you cannot see any element, then you can enlarge it at any time.

All the necessary elements are at the top of the interface. The designers did a good job on the design of Cafeland – World Kitchen. However, we cannot say that graphics here is perfect, but this does not play a special role.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

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