CarX Highway Racing Mod APK 1.74.3 (Unlimited Money)

CarX Highway Racing APK is a great racing game where you have access to several game modes and story campaign. Enjoy cool cars and high speed.

NameCarX Highway Racing
Size68 Mb
PublisherCarX Technologies, LLC
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


CarX Highway Racing is a mobile racing game with variable controls, several modes for playing and a huge fleet of vehicles. CarX Tech developed the project. The essence of the gameplay is to get around all rivals or improve your time on the track with heavy traffic. You have to maneuver between enemy vehicles and choose your route carefully in order to avoid collisions. Take risks, drive as close as possible to transport, push cars together, as only victory is important.

Take back your credibility

At the center of the story is an unnamed racer who travels the world to find intruders. Those put him spokes in the wheel at each stage of his career. As you progress, you will discover new events, learn more about the world of illegal racing and you can earn a reputation as an unrivaled driver.

CarX Highway Racing Android

In the best traditions of NFS, the story campaign in CarX Highway Racing revolves exclusively around racing. Of course, it has a story, sometimes even an interesting one, but the whole its point is to win at the next stage. In fact, you get a task of defeating a chain of bosses, each of which drives a better car than its predecessor.

Convenient control and intuitive interface

CarX Highway Racing is a typical arcade racing game in which driving has been simplified for the mass user. Here you do not have to rotate the device, alternately press the pedals in form of virtual keys and switch gears. Acceleration in the game occurs automatically and just touch the left or right edge of the screen in order to turn in a certain direction. You can easily see the keys to activate nitrous oxide and brake at the bottom of interface.

In addition, nitro replenishes as you progress through the race. To do this, you need to drive as close as possible to other cars. Keep behind the leader, drive into the oncoming lane and make sharp turns. The good news is that each type of car management has its own nuances. In addition, the cars differ in the sound of the engine.

CarX Highway Racing Download

Variety of game modes

Increasing your level in the story company, CarX Highway Racing offers new interesting modes. For example, you have to get into a stream with rather dense traffic in one of them. Moreover, you need to calculate the power in order to drive a circular track in the other. You can also feel like a police officer involved in the pursuit of a malicious offender. In each mode, you have to hone certain skills. Of course, it is pleasing that beautiful landscapes will rush through the window.

Of course, a decent racing game cannot do without an online mode that allows you to enter into confrontation with real players. This is the most difficult unpredictable mode, which only the most skilled racers will pass. A real drive and adrenaline awaits you.

Everything always comes down to money

You can buy sports cars and improve them for the currency you earn. Buying a car is not so difficult, but improving it will take you a lot of time and effort. Every detail in CarX Highway Racing requires some time to become available for using. It takes an impressive amount of real time to manufacture a part. It is also noteworthy that the production of a high-level part will require even more time. Buy currency and cases with parts for real money, which will greatly simplify your gameplay.

CarX Highway Racing Mod

If you are unable to complete a certain task or lack the power, then you can use temporary boosts. Purchase them for usual in-game currency and are valid until the first use. This is a great opportunity for a beginner to find out what a car is capable of when fully pumped.

Choose a car for every taste

In order to win, you will need a cool car. In total, over 40 cars of various classes have been prepared in the game. Here you will find both sports classics and everyday cars that you can see literally in every traffic jam and on every corner. In addition, get access to exclusive models of supercars and muscle cars. They will be useful to you for certain tasks and competitions.

Also, do not forget that you can always increase the power of the car or its cross-country ability with help of various parts and spare parts. In addition, each installed part will affect the behavior on the road, even if you simply increase or decrease the ride height. It may affect handling in the rain or on uneven surfaces.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money to buy and upgrade cars

Download CarX Highway Racing Mod APK


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