Castle Clash Mod APK 3.1.8 (Unlimited Gems)

Download Castle Clash APK and make your way to the top of medieval world. Create an army, build great cities and conquer territories.

NameCastle Clash
Size268 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Gems


Castle Clash belongs to the real-time strategy genre. Main difference of the genre from the rest is the absence of a rigid plot that regulates the sequence of steps that the player must take to achieve the result. The game is developed and marketed by the Chinese company IGG. The most famous projects of the manufacturer are Galaxy Online, Clash of Lords 2 and so on. All action in this mobile strategy takes place in real time. Construct buildings, acquire and train warriors and manage a camp. Travel through underground passages in search of artifacts and fight against squads of other users. A characteristic difference between the game and its analogues is the absence of a common map with state borders marked on it.

Take your people to the top of history

As in real life, you need to defend against geopolitical opponents in order not to lose territory in Castle Clash. Pumping warriors (units and heroes) along the lines of attack and defense makes it possible not only to repel attacks, but also to take active steps to capture foreign states. Victories will bring numerous bonuses in form of gaining experience and resources. A well-pumped and armed army is the gamer’s main asset, as all his potential achievements depend on its level.

Castle Clash Download

The path begins with beginner level. Consistently becoming a cadet, soldier, squire, knight, you can achieve the highest status – to become a king.

Show off your strategic skills

Each completed action in Castle Clash has its own price – earn points for any operation carried out in the base location. Recruiting and training military forces, erecting and upgrading buildings – all this ensures a rise in the rankings.

It is important to be able to allocate resources: you need to invest in the development of the army and the city simultaneously.

The leaderboard and less developed users are available for viewing by other gamers. If you made it to the top, then you have taken place as a player. However, starting the game, you should be prepared for the fact that the way to the top will take months. Players have to participate in thousands of battles and carry out hundreds of upgrades.

Additional Modes

Having reached a certain level in Castle Clash, the player gets the opportunity to enter the arena and participate in quests. This is the most interesting part. It unfolds in real time and on manual control.

Castle Clash Mod

Victory or defeat directly depends on the chosen tactics and on each individual action performed during the battle. Few people succeed in winning the first time, as experience is gained gradually. The more original moves a player comes up with, the higher the chances of winning even over the strongest opponent become.

Don’t Forget the Heroes

An important aspect of victory in Castle Clash is legendary heroes. One high-level character is able to resist a whole detachment of enemy warriors successfully. His preparation consists of studying and analyzing opportunities and further pumping potentially beneficial qualities. The more unique characters you hire and train, the more likely you are to win regularly.

Combine heroes with different skills in one group and apply combined attacks. They allow you to break through the enemy’s defenses, destroying his ability to resist and reducing resources.

You can pump skills separately, developing one or another skill that seems to you the most important. The more developed the hero, the more costs are required to bring him to a new level.

Get resources

Each kingdom in Castle Clash has four types of resources:

Badge of honor. A separate type of points for increasing ranks and recruiting characters, including those who are among the elite. Earn badges in battles on arena or during completing events. Getting them is quite easy, as the main thing is to be active.

Castle Clash Android

Gold. This is main resource for the construction and modernization of buildings.

Manna. Use it for the same purposes as gold.

Gems are weakly renewable resource. In a small amount, crystals can be obtained for events and completing individual tasks. Players can get them in gifts for daily entry into the game, but not systematically. This currency significantly expands the gaming capabilities. It allows you to speed up the construction processes and training of soldiers. In addition, you can buy fighters of the highest level – “legendary”. If there are many such warriors in your army, victories are yours.

There is no limit to perfection

The game can go on indefinitely while upgrading buildings and heroes, forming combat units and fighting.

You should complete all the proposed tasks in “Achievements” tab. Receive gems for its successful completion. In turn, spend money on acquiring “legendary” heroes that dramatically increase the power of your army. Access to this function simply does not open without crystals.

Mod Info

Unlimited Gems.

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