Castle War: Idle Island is available on Google Play

Castle War Idle Island released on Google Play

Plug in Digital has released Castle War: Idle Island on smartphones. You need to build a castle with catapults and fight other kings and queens.

Castle War: Idle Island is a mobile project that became available on App Store and Google Play. The game is quite arcade – we assemble a castle from its components. Put a couple of guns on it and look at auto-battles. Earn different materials for participation, but also spend away a certain amount of bread (local energy).

In addition to battle towers, the player can build a barracks with spearmen, archers or knights. Cards with them and other items drop out of loot boxes. You can only choose one card at a time, but if the gems withered in the virtual pocket, then your castle will become much more powerful.

Another thing is that matchmaking does not always select an equal opponent, which is why one wants to either bring money to the developers or delete Castle War: Idle Island. As the name implies, this is an idle project, so bread and other crops are grown offline.

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