Clash of Kings Mod APK 8.05.0 (Unlimited Money/Resources)

Clash of Kings APK is a great strategy where you need to become a real ruler for your kingdom and lead it to greatness and glory.

NameClash of Kings
Size631 Mb
PublisherElex Wireless
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OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Gold


Clash of Kings is a very interesting strategy game that will make you feel like you are the real ruler of your own empire. Large-scale hostilities, huge number of various kinds of functions related to both domestic and foreign policy. Get a unique opportunity to interact with other players, collect an army and upgrade it, thereby improving your lord and more. You are waiting for battles with ordinary monsters, as well as with insidious enemies presented by real players.

A great example of ideal strategy

Find a huge number of similarities with its predecessors. Here you also have to engage in hostilities for the extraction of resources. Develop your kingdom, raid neighbors in order to conquer cities, as well as seize the treasury. Each of your game actions costs you resources.

Clash of Kings Android

Clash of Kings has its own currency – gold. Use it to pay for accelerating the process of pumping buildings, as well as for accelerating the process of training your troops. Get a personal small kingdom. Develop it to a full-fledged empire, while protecting it from raids by other players. Build up your kingdom with many buildings that you need to construct in certain places.

When you start playing this strategy, you will need resources. Already built farms, mines and sawmills bring a small part of the resources, but you will quickly realize that this is very little. Peaceful players can wait honestly and long until creation of materials. Those players who prefer a more dynamic development of events can take the path of the invader.

Upgrade your army and defenses

To attack the enemy, you must pay due attention to your army, as well as defensive structures. Otherwise, your victory may turn into defeat and the loss of your possessions. If you have a large and strong army, then you can attack any available opponents without fear. In case of victory, all the enemy’s stocks go to you. Otherwise, many of your warehouses will go to the enemies.

Clash of Kings Download

When preparing for an attack, you need to take care of ensuring the reliable protection of your own castle, as many ruler players prefer to extract resources by attacking other kingdoms. If your first supplies that you receive are locked in a chest, then do not rush to open it. When opponents capture your fortress, you will not be able to open and take your chest. It will be unavailable to them.

Experienced players recommend strengthening the defense and then attacking. You can always attack in time, but construction of protective structures will take time. Therefore, do this in advance.

Keep a close eye on the economy

Clash of Kings also has a forced harvest. Harvest products produced by your buildings manually. You have to log into the game often to collect resources. Otherwise, other parties will not be able to produce it. Before the first campaign, you have to build a certain number of buildings necessary for hiring soldiers, as well as for training troops.

The higher your level of buildings and skills, the better quality of your troops will be. It also significantly increases your chances of winning. For this reason, upgrade the main buildings to level 2-4before hiring soldiers.

Raise your rating

The rating of the hero depends on the number of experience points developed not only in collisions with real enemies, but also in battles with monsters. A huge number of different creatures live outside the fence of your castle. When facing them and defeating them, you can gain experience and resources. In such battles, you can sometimes earn some gold needed to speed up construction and training of the army.

Numerous gameplay innovations

Gain resources in Clash of Kings by exploring the map. You can find the location of towers captured by the monsters. After freeing such a tower, you will receive a good reward in form of resources, experience points and rare artifacts. There are many captured towers, enough for everyone.

Clash of Kings Mod

Crafting plays a huge role in your success. You must create new equipment and construct new buildings. Otherwise, all your tactical skills and strategic skills will be useless. To diversify the game, creators of the strategy added the ability to fight with not only monsters and real players, but also enter into various associations.

Military alliances are extremely useful in Clash of Kings: they allow you to receive help in the form of resources and an army. Do not forget that where there are unions, there are conspiracies. Keep track of your political situation. Your ally may become your enemy tomorrow.

Attention to detail from developers

The combat system in the game is ordinary. All battles take place behind the scenes and do not allow players to make maneuvers. You can see the result on the screen after the fight ends: received or lost resources. This method significantly saves playing time, but greatly reduces the game quality. Many players want to manage the battle themselves.

Clash of Kings offers bright and picturesque landscapes, magnificent medieval castles and buildings, various knight armors and ethnic battles. If you were looking for all this, then this strategy is for you.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money/Resources.

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