Clash Royale Mod APK 3.2872.3 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

Welcome to the arena! Build a battle deck and fight in dynamic real-time battles in Clash Royale. Unite, find allies and do everything to win.

NameClash Royale
Size139 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Clash Royale is an online real-time strategy combat game. The developers have created a project with your favorite characters, a new combat system and other interesting innovations! Learn strategy and master the art of building the strongest decks. Compete with players from all over the world and win!

Unique Decks

Build your own deck and conquer the Clash Royale arena. Use your cards wisely, strategize and destroy enemy towers. Win the battle by destroying the towers of kings and princesses. Upgrade and collect over a hundred cards. Among them are warriors, spellcasters and structures for protection. The game has many maps familiar to all fans of Clash of clans. Move to new arenas, replenishing your collection with stronger cards. Cards are divided into five rarity classes: from common to champion.

Clash Royale Mod

You can build any deck to your taste, because the game has 106 different cards. Open chests to get new cards. Gather a harmonizing deck of troops that will attack enemies, buildings and spells. Each card has its own unique abilities that come in handy in a variety of situations. You can increase the level only if you accumulate a certain number of cards. Improve each card in your deck to the maximum and win all games! Work out your strategy with build the deck you want, as there are no limits in the game.

Compete with other players for the top

Take part in battles, leagues and global tournaments to raise your rating much higher. There you will compete with the strongest players in the world, honing your strategy and tactics. New events come out every season that bring many new and exciting things to the battles. Completing quests unlocks new tower skins, emojis and new magical cards! Participate in battles, destroy enemy towers with help of the strongest cards and don’t forget to defend your creatures and towers of kings and princesses.

Players have three towers: two princesses and one king tower. Customize your deck before the start of the battle and choose eight cards for the game. Win by keeping your towers and get rewards and rating! Conquer new arenas, unlock maps and increase your rewards. Clash Royale has a lot of room for possibilities, so you will definitely not get bored with the game!

Clash Royale Download

Join clans

Create your own gathering place for players, or join existing ones. In clans, you can chat with players, exchange cards and participate in wars for great rewards. Each clan has its own warship, so defend it. On Mondays, you can take the gold earned by clan, and on Thursday go sailing on a warship, competing with other clans and rising to the top of the rating. Take part in clan battles in the game mode that is convenient for you.

Create four decks for the entire battle and win victory after victory to climb the leaderboard. Attack competitors, destroying their ship’s defenses and freeing your place in the list of the best clans! Chat with friends, develop clan strategies and get to the finish line, taking only the best rewards. You will receive rewards even if your ship does not reach the finish line.

Free game for everyone

Clash Royale is a unique project from developers. The game is free and you do not need to make purchases to get to the top of the rankings. All cards drop from chests, and rare sets can be yours after completing seasonal events. Card strategy envisages sets of strong cards to speed up development, but you can do without it. Skins and decorations, which players can purchase for in-game currency, add variety and aesthetics to your battles.

Clash Royale Android

The developers created Clash Royale as an accessible strategy for all ages. You will not see any rudeness or propaganda in it. This is an online card game that will help you not only have good time, but also learn new things. Here everyone can find something to do. Project has over a million daily active users. It quickly became popular, winning the hearts of gamers. Fight against other players in real time, develop your strategies, create unique decks and join the friendly Clash Royale community.

Mod Info

Download version with private serves that are full of resources. Remember that you cannot play with usual players, but only with those who also use the mod.

Download Clash Royale Mod APK


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