Cover Strike Mod APK 1.7.79 (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Cover Strike is a team-based offline first-person shooter. You have to take part in the release of the hostages or the demining of the bomb.

NameCover Strike
Size66 Mb
PublisherFPS Shooter & Action Game
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod Info- Unlimited Money
- Unlocked


For those who have never played Counter Strike games, it will be difficult to understand the name of this game. This is a direct reference to original and progenitor of all team-based first-person shooters. Cover Strike – 3D Team Shooter is another attempt to repeat the success of the above project. We must say that the attempt is quite successful. If you like shooters as a genre, then Cover Strike will hardly leave you indifferent. Immerse yourself in the epicenter of chaos and fierce team battles now.

Classic crowd-to-crowd fight

The game focuses on multiplayer mode and single player is implemented only partially. Gather a team of volunteers and take part in the most difficult and hot team battles. Change your weapons, get beautiful skins and win. Buy skins for in-game currency, which you first have to earn. There is a huge arsenal of weapons here, and everyone will find a machine to their liking.

Cover Strike Android

Pick up your set of weapons. Use it rationally and prudently. The main task is to keep the enemy team from invading, and kill them all on the way. The harder and more effective you do it, the better the rating will be.

Since this project is a classic team shooter, no scenario and plot twists are not available here. There is only a general outline, and it does not change over the course of the game.

The variety that was so lacking

You act as one of the members of Special Forces unit. An equally strong and dangerous gang of terrorists opposes you. Your task is to eliminate them up to a certain point. If you cannot do it, then the battle will be lost. Of course, theme of terrorists intersects with one of the locations, made in the style of a settlement in the Middle East.

Cover Strike definitely does not suffer from monotony. It has everything: ports, industrial zones, modern urban development and the like. In a word, you will not be bored on the same map. This is one of the benefits.

Get access to more than 20 types of assault rifles. There are pistols and grenades, short-barreled weapons. Cover Strike has everything you need to feel like a real militarist without getting off the couch. All weapons presented in the game can be personalized and upgraded for themselves. Therefore, this project will definitely not get bored you quickly.

Cover Strike Download

Fight shoulder to shoulder with partners

Attack the enemy team in unfamiliar and colorful locations, but do not forget to arm yourself before you go out on a mission. The key goal of your team is to destroy the terrorists. After all, they have already conceived something bad, and only you will be able to interfere with their plans.

Do not forget that the shooter is a team shooter. Therefore, already from the first battle, you will have to spend a lot of time on tactics and overall strategy. Do not give yourself away and act like a ninja, correctly moving around the map and lying in wait for the enemy in the most unexpected place. A shooting ace can predict the place where the enemy is likely to appear, and you will have to learn this.

Play Anytime

The game has several modes, thanks to which it has gained such explosive popularity and a good rating on large sites.

Even if you are left without Wi-Fi or your account runs out of money, there will be no problems. Cover Strike is also available for offline mode. Developers worked hard on the project as it should, thanks to which we have smooth but fast graphics, comfortable controls and many other advantages. Indeed, speed and player reaction, as well as microcontrol of the character are very important for shooters,. All this is here. The main thing is to learn how to manage it.

Cover Strike Mod

Convenient and thoughtful interface

Immediately after launching the application, you will see the main menu. There are 4 sections at the top of the interface: Player, Ad, Options and Coins.

In the first section, you can change your game nickname and connect the game to Google Play service. It takes into account your game achievements and saves if necessary.

An item with advertising allows you to earn additional game coins. You just watch commercials of your own free will and earn a certain amount of currency for this. Everyone benefits from this, both the publisher and the player.

All settings for hints, sound and music are available in Options section. Here you can control sensitivity – it is very important in shooters. After all, each player adjusts the controls for themselves and then gets used to certain parameters.

Everything in Coins is for those who do not want to spend a lot of time earning coins. If it is easier for you to spend a certain amount of real money, then you are just there. The donation system is extremely friendly for the player. Now, almost everyone can afford coins. However, this is not a classic pay-to-win. Donation plays a secondary role in Cover Strike shooter.

Shop offers you to buy everything you need: Weapons, Ammo, Skins and more.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.


Download Cover Strike Mod APK


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