Crowd City Mod APK 2.4.0 (Unlimited Time/Unlocked)

Crowd City – gather your crowd and get the victory! Prove that your leadership abilities can do more and achieve success together with your friends.

NameCrowd City
Size97 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Time


Crowd City is a fun, addictive adventure game for you and your friends with a unique emphasis on co-op and social interaction. Co-op mode allows players to experience the allure of teaming up with other players. You can have fun in the company of friends, relatives or completely unfamiliar people, because VOODOO has created a huge world with the interweaving of urban landscapes and streets. The game has a kind of leadership board, which especially adds to the spirit of competition alone or in a team. It is quite easy to become famous in the game, just walk the streets, gather crowds of fans, avoid unpleasant situations, communicate and increase your rating.

A game with a deep social component

A game with a wide variety of social activities will show how you can create your own game story with just a little imagination. The developers did not specifically emphasize the plot, because the plot itself finds the players. The bottom line is to gather as many like-minded people as possible and just have a good time in the circle of interests. Leaderboard is available to players after the game stage of the level is completed.

Crowd City Android

Surely many of you have seen many interesting films or stories where after just a few words the leader begins to gather a crowd. Crowd City is a kind of social simulation that provides the player with unlimited story options and a chance to show their leadership and public speaking skills. It is quite interesting and funny to play with an emphasis on your favorite business. How to act within the framework of the game implementation is already the decision of the player.

The most popular game in the world

The Play Market platform supports the official application, which users can download with a high rating of 4.3 points. Players speak warmly about this non-standard project and a lot of interesting and exciting material has already appeared on the network.

Already, players are posting their own techniques and gameplay to show how you can succeed in the game while doing what you really love. You can do serious things, interests and hobbies. Fool around and have a good time with friends, make new acquaintances, and all this on one platform.

Gameplay from which it is impossible to break away

The gameplay Crowd City includes the best gaming traditions of IO, so you will feel comfortable here from the first minutes of stay. Getting comfortable and understanding “what’s what” is not so difficult, because the game provides hints. The essence and task is very simple, to collect as many people as possible!

Crowd City Download

The attractive thing about Crowd City is that you will never have exactly the same two sessions. That is, each game entry will be unique! One session usually takes no more than a couple of minutes does, which is quite optimal for a game-matching mode. In order to win, it is enough for you to collect the largest crowd or defeat those who have gathered less by “poaching” them to your side. Situations and game moments are so diverse that sometimes there is no single pattern of action. Player needs to resolve issues in the next seconds in order to keep the lead.

Create your tactics and succeed

The mechanics and process of joining one crowd to another is quite simple. As soon as your followers have exceeded the number of opponent’s players, you can safely storm and capture the crowd. The crowd accepts the player by setting a special skin, taking him for his own. The battle between the two crowds is quite simple: whoever is bigger and stronger wins. With such a game tactic, the player will receive either a merger of the crowd or a part from other people’s followers.

Thus, three tactics in Crowd City stand out from the main gameplay:

  • Attack – the player, when reaching a larger number of the group, attacks the rest of the groups.
  • Waiting – the player does not attack and conducts his activities calmly, gradually gaining the required number of followers.
  • Mixed – this is a varied combination of game tactics of “attack” and “survival” according to the situation.

As it is easy to understand, mixed tactics are, of course, more relevant and interesting, since it allows you to combine several game processes or drastically change the game maneuver from one attack tactic to waiting. By playing and practicing different game experiences, you will find his own pace and rhythm of the game.

Crowd City Mod

Tons of gameplay options

What else is pleasant in the game Crowd City? We would like to say a separate word about the game content and the variety of skins (outfits) to choose. In addition, what prevents the player from making a special outfit and walking around the city in the form of the same penguin or zebra? You can buy skins for real money or get them for achievements. The game mechanics of success depends not only on the game skin, but also on the player’s ingenuity to use the situation. Seasonal skins are available, such as a Halloween or Christmas skin.

Each game session gives the player special rank points. By collecting points, you can move to a new level of achievement in a higher league, which guarantees you a brighter game experience with even more interesting competitions. You can play with both real people and bots. League mode controls the skills and ability of bots by difficulty levels. The higher your rank, the stronger and smarter the artificial intelligence of the enemy.

Mod Info

Unlimited Time.

Unlocked Skins.

Download Crowd City Mod APK


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