Darkness Rises Mod APK 1.65.0 (Unlimited Money/Antiban)

Download Darkness Rises APK and immerse in a fantasy world destroyed by forces of evil. Upgrade your hero and fight enemies.

NameDarkness Rises
Size103 Mb
PublisherNEXON Company
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Darkness Rises is a very interesting game made in the modern RPG genre. As part of the process, you have to travel to a fictional fantasy world. Here you need to take control of a very brave warrior and go with him into exciting battles with other opponents. The project presents a large selection of characters, each of which has a set of specific skills. You can pump all these skills in every possible way, making the hero stronger against all opponents.

Welcome to fantasy world

Since the setting takes place in a fantasy world, the most unusual opponents await you. In addition to ordinary opponents, you will meet very powerful bosses, which destruction can bring big rewards. Spend all funds received for missions and killings of opponents on purchasing improvements for the hero. Among the main advantages, one can single out a good 3D graphic design, as well as a lot of interesting features that will amaze any MMORPG fan.

Darkness Rises Android

Interesting story

By launching Darkness Rises, you can get acquainted with a very exciting story. Learn that darkness shrouded the magical world and now dangerous creatures and demons roam everywhere here. Players have to become a brave hero who can defeat all the hellish creatures and return peace and tranquility to the magical kingdom.

Great detailing

The first thing you notice when starting the gameplay is the excellent quality of visual design. All locations and characters have excellent elaboration and realistic physics of behavior. Such details ideally combine with atmosphere of the events taking place on the screen. In addition, well-crafted background music also contributes to full immersion.

Complete quests

The very first task that you need to complete in the game is to create a unique character. Here is an extensive hero creation editor, so you can make a truly unique warrior.

Darkness Rises Download

The main goal of the project will be the mass destruction of all enemy creatures. The gameplay is made in such a way that here you will not have the slightest second to rest. Therefore, get ready for the fact that you have to fight non-stop with enemies on your way.

Lots of gameplay options

It is worth noting that Darkness Rises presents many gameplay features, which are quite difficult to figure out on your own. That is why the developers decided to create a small training. Thanks to it, you will be able to understand all the intricacies of the gameplay, as well as controls. In addition, initial missions will be very simple with hints displayed during the passage. Understand how to interact with other characters and which buttons are responsible for what.

After completing the first two quests, you will be able to visit the global map of the magical world. Here you can go on a variety of expeditions and military campaigns against other players.

The second important detail is the pumping of your hero. Improving skills of the character requires many experience points. In turn, you can earn by completing quests and various battles with other users. In addition to pumping skills, you should supply the hero with good weapons and equipment.

Team up with other players

Darkness Rises has many social features. At the very beginning, you can join any clan of other users. Such a membership brings you many useful fruits and opportunities. Take part in joint quests, share great rewards and also exchange resources with your clanmates.

Darkness Rises Mod

Choose your hero

Before you start creating your hero at the very beginning of the game, you must select his class. There are currently four classes of characters:

  • This hero has good stealth, agility and movement speed. The weapons are two swords.
  • A character who wields magic spells and a staff. The hero is very good in close combat, but can also deliver powerful energy attacks from afar.
  • The weapon of this hero is an ordinary sword. To upgrade a character, it is necessary to improve his weapons, since the very strength will depend on them.
  • This character wields a magic wand. It is ideal for ranged attacks, as it dies quickly in close combat.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money/Antiban.

Download Darkness Rises Mod APK


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