Day R Survival Mod APK 1.712 (Unlimited Money/100 Level)

Try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world and do everything to protect yourself from dangerous creatures in Day R Survival APK.

NameDay R Premium
Size146 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod Info- Unlimited Money
- 100 Level


Day R Survival is an exciting toy that is an RPG with strategy elements mixed in. Here, all events take place during the post-apocalyptic period, caused by a nuclear explosion. This project is very similar to the popular Fallout and Westland games. These games also tell about the events of a nuclear incident and about survival after it. The game contains the best gameplay features of these projects. You need to try to survive in a post-nuclear world almost the entire passage.

Unusual setting

Here you need to collect resources, craft a lot, build a shelter and much more in order to survive. It is also worth noting that all locations of the game are located in the territories of the former Soviet Union. The graphic component itself is quite detailed and has all the shades of a disaster.

Day R Survival Android

In addition, a very suitable soundtrack will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen. In the process of passing, you need to complete the tasks of the story campaign, as well as go through various additional quests. In addition, all the time in Day R Survival you have to fight with dangerous creatures, which gave rise to a nuclear explosion.

Find out the truth about the end of the world

The entire story campaign here comes down to Day R. This day is the beginning of a nuclear disaster. As you will find out later, the bombardment only slightly touched the area where the hero woke up, so he can move relatively freely here. Still, you need to find a gas mask, as fumes of acrid smoke will periodically overtake you.

After watching the story, players have to choose the difficulty of the passage. Day R Survival has four types of difficulty. The main task in any of the game modes is to survive the maximum amount of time. To do this, you need to be in search of important resources. Cook food, find water and process it, build shelter and defend yourself from opponents.

Day R Survival Download

Survive at all costs

Day R Survival itself looks like a traditional walker. You need to move around locations and collect resources. Open up new opportunities for crafting and complete various quests. At the same time, you need to remember about your parameters and protect yourself from various monsters.

For example, your backpack should be your most important piece of equipment. It allows you to store food and other useful things. You can carry food in it. However, as we said before, you should not cook a lot. Sufficient volume – for one meal. Otherwise, the food will spoil and you will earn poisoning, which also requires treatment.

Can’t get far without food and water

You also need to stock up on water. You will not be able to cook food in order to quench your thirst, so it will come in handy. It is best to have 3 – 4 liters per person. This should be enough for a day. However, keep in mind that not every water is suitable for use. It is best to dial it outside the city, because in cities everything is contaminated with radiation. Filter water before drinking. To do this, boil it or use coal for filtering.

Day R Survival Mod

In addition, each of your cooking allows you to develop a culinary skill. This means that in the future you will be able to cook something very high-calorie from a minimum set of products. It is a very useful ability.

Don’t forget to take a break

In order to rest and cope with fatigue, you need to build huts and make fires. It is best to stop outside the city, choosing the safest metas so that not only predators, but also other preppers can attack you.

You need rest, because as you move through the locations, your degree of fatigue will increase. Temporarily you can reset it with the help of coffee or energy drinks. However, do not abuse them much, as they can decently undermine your health. However, a good rest is a more correct option for resetting the counter. It is often used not only by those who have been playing Day R Survival for a long time, but also by fans of games on gadgets.

Look at the map periodically. After all, although the most radioactive zones are located in the city. They are marked with a bright red circle on the map. It is necessary to avoid such areas.

Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Max Level.
  • Full inventory.

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