DEAD TRIGGER 2 Mod APK 1.8.18 (Unlimited Money/Ammo)

Download DEAD TRIGGER APK and immerse yourself in exciting battle with hordes of zombies on huge and colorful maps around the globe.

Size526 Mb
PublisherMADFINGER Games
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoMoney/Ammo


DEAD TRIGGER 2 is an exciting game project made in the shooter genre. This app will immerse you in the world of the zombie apocalypse, where you need to fight hordes of bloodthirsty monsters. In addition to fighting the walking dead, you need to look for the rest of the surviving people in the game world. Almost all the canons of zombie shooters are available in this game. Here you will find dynamic gameplay, many gameplay features, a huge selection of weapons and much more.

A worthy continuation of the sensational hit

Players will be able to arm themselves with a variety of assault rifles, pistols, shotguns, dynamite, sniper rifles and various melee weapons. In the story campaign, users expect a huge variety of missions with different goals and objectives. Among the main features in DEAD TRIGGER 2, one can single out high-quality graphic design made in 3D, as well as a suitable sound background that fully immerses you in the atmosphere of events taking place on the screen.


In addition, a very clear interface and an easy control system are among main features. Such an approach allows any player to quickly get used to all the gameplay features and proceed to its passage.

Zombies threaten the safety of the world again

The plot content of this project is almost the same as in the first part. All events revolve around the zombie apocalypse, where various mutants, walking dead and other evil spirits roam everywhere. All these freaks arose because of an unknown infection and their number is increasing every minute. Therefore, you now need to prevent the infection from spreading and eliminate all the rest of the surviving population. You have to do in the process of passing these missions. Other secondary characters will come to the aid: an engineer, a doctor, a smuggler, a gunsmith and also a professor.

The creators of DEAD TRIGGER 2 decided not to trade on trifles and instantly push players against very dangerous opponents at the beginning of the game. Therefore, get ready that you will be in wait for large zombie bosses, as well as other powerful mutants in the very first location.


Travel around the world

You will start your journey in America. Here you can get a little training and learn all the basic subtleties of control and gameplay in general. After clearing the monsters of American zones, you will move to African mainland to continue fulfilling important mission. Players will face very difficult tests, so you need to examine all the characteristic features of weapons carefully before visiting the African area. Don’t forget about process controls in order to be ready for all the surprises of the gameplay.

All the story passage spreads over a variety of territories around the world. Each new stage takes place in a country or on the mainland. For example, first missions take place in America, then the tasks will be transferred to Africa, Europe and so on. The first seven American assignments are educational. Even though big and powerful monsters will come across here, players still have a lot of time to learn controls and get acquainted with absolutely all the features.


Exciting side quests

In addition to the key story missions, players will also find interesting additional quests in DEAD TRIGGER 2:

  • Here you need to eliminate the set number of monsters in a certain period of time and survive yourself.
  • Delivery of resources and fuel. Act as a courier delivering a significant cargo in form of various resources, as well as fuel. That is, you need to find canisters of gasoline, as well as boxes of resources and drag them to a certain place.
  • Players need to protect their own shelter for a set time, destroying absolutely all suitable opponents.
  • One of the most exciting tasks in the game, where you have to act as a security guard and protect the life of another person.
  • Search and destruction. Walking dead in this mission will decide to transmit signals to their relatives through the loudspeakers. Main task of the players is to find them all and eliminate them.

It is especially worth highlighting Arena of Death from all the secondary tasks in DEAD TRIGGER 2. The name of this mission fully reflects its essence. Players have to start an reckless battle, as the opponents here will be many times stronger than even the most pumped character.

Customize your controls

There is a kind of shelter in the game where you can take a break from all the battles. This place is the headquarters, where the character has the opportunity to sleep, purchase various medicines, ammunition and other equipment.

DEAD TRIGGER 2has quite a few prospects for managing the hero. For example, players have the ability to turn on auto-fire or fire manually. It is worth noting that consumption of cartridges will be very large when auto-shooting. Shooting manually continuously tears the user away from the events taking place around.

Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money.
  • Unlimited Ammo.



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