Drive Ahead Mod APK 3.15.5 (Money/God Mode/Menu)

Take care of your head while fighting in gladiatorial battles on wheelbarrows! Download Drive Ahead APK to participate in wild racing tournaments.

NameDrive Ahead
Size115 Mb
PublisherDodreams Ltd
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoMoney/God Mode/Menu


Drive ahead is one of the most unusual racing games. You have to participate in battles on wild machines. Get points for hitting your opponent on the head with your car. Gather a unique collection of racing cars and fight on dangerous arenas. Complete all game modes and become the king of car battles. Feel the fun and spectacular car madness with your friends!

Fight with wild cars

There are more than four hundred racing cars in the game. You can fight in arenas with them. The more arenas you pass, the more dangerous the cars will be further. Drive ahead features: stunt cars, jeeps, weird modified regular cars, garbage trucks and even tanks! Find a car to your liking and defeat your opponents.

Drive Ahead Mod

Some models of transport are not of this world at all. For example, an electric deer can destroy the enemy with its horns or a ghost ship as a gift from a pirate. You can even try mini dinosaur with homing cannon. Gather a team of the most powerful machines and conquer every arena in the game. Gain levels of power, improve your cars and fight with terrible bosses or other teams.

Master all modes

Get behind the wheel of your favorite car and become the best car gladiator! Fight in quick battles for two players. There is an online mode where you can play with your friends. Arrange knockout competitions and find out who is the coolest in Drive Ahead. Join a guild or team up with friends and create your own. Arrange battles with other guilds and move your team up the leaderboard. By participating in joint races, you can get great rewards, so take them all!

Go on adventure trips and learn how to drive cool cartoon cars. Share your high score or funny episode with the whole community in Drive Ahead. Submit your clip and get in the trends! Fight against bosses in the game company. Developer release new bosses every week! Try your luck and become the king of the hill in the knockout mode. Go through exotic stadiums that are full of dangers. You have to fight robots, aliens and even aggressive penguins. Become the king of the arena and the best racer in the community.

Drive Ahead Download

Become the most reckless racer

Earn points by crashing into the opponent’s head. Gather collections of cars, coins and bolts to advance through the battle arenas. They are diverse: battles can take place on islands, landmarks or special stylized halls. The gameplay is fun and simple. Whoever breaks his opponent’s head with a machine first is the winner. You can try a different strategy.

Feel like a sumo wrestler in cars and push your opponent out of the arena. The game is fast and fun. Fights continue to five victories, when the rounds last no longer fifteen seconds. The developers have added the effect of survival to the gameplay. After the tenth second of the battle, water rises from below, and iron comes down from the sky. Thanks to this, the battles take place quickly and do not have time to get bored.

Play even without internet

You can play Drive Ahead both with friends from all over the world and alone. Fight against artificial intelligence on different difficulty modes. It is not easy to defeat him, but he does not use any dishonest tricks, as is often the case. Unlike gamers, the AI ​​always picks a random car, which makes every fight interesting. Initially, players also fight on random cars. Unlock the very first of them by accumulating 100 coins. Participate in the lottery and get your first car.

Drive Ahead Android

Ride on more than twenty tracks, fighting with a variety of bosses. Turn on the random car selection mode on each track to make the gameplay even more interesting. Get out of a variety of situations on the road in non-trivial ways and win!

Drive Ahead is suitable for all ages. You will not see unpleasant content and rude scenes. The battles features a funny and harmless way. Millions of gamers around the world like the game due to its ease of perception. This race to the bottom has a large variety of content and interesting events. The developers appreciate the success and add content and release updates weekly. Become the coolest car gladiator in the world and master all the modes, tracks, strategies and, most importantly, cars!

Mod Info

There are 3 mods available for this game. Choose what you want:

V1. Unlimited money

V2. Free wards with no ads

V3. V2 + menu with god mode, dumb enemies and ability to choose the boss to fight.

Download Drive Ahead Mod APK


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