Era of Celestials Mod APK 2.1642.143862 (Unlimited Money)

Download Era of Celestials APK and become the most powerful hero in the world of fantasy and monsters. Be ready to fight.

NameEra of Celestials
Size58 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Era of Celestials is a very interesting game project made in the modern RPG genre. As part of the gameplay, you have to travel to amazing fantasy to explore various locations and fight evil forces. In the classics of the genre, you have to choose your unique hero and go through a series of exciting challenges with him. When choosing your character, you can choose a class, equipment and skill set. As in other similar RPGs, you have to upgrade your hero constantly, making him stronger, faster, and so on.

Classic old school RPG

Many users note that Era of Celestials is very similar in its gameplay to Diablo 3. Here you also have to fight dozens of different opponents and raise your level. The entire gameplay here takes place online, so you can team up with other real gamers.

Era of Celestials Android

It is much easier to complete very difficult quests and fight powerful bosses in the company of other users. The main features include good graphic design, a simple interface and presence of many gameplay features. There are no age restrictions in the project, so both adults and younger users can enjoy an exciting game.

Create your character

As soon as you start the gameplay, choice of the hero will be available. Since the game features a fantasy style, main character here introduces as a celestial. He has huge beautiful wings and unique abilities. Thanks to the wings, you can quickly move around the entire game world.

When choosing your hero, you first need to decide on his class. Era of Celestials currently has only three of these classes:

  • This class of heroes commands various elements. Main weapon of the character is a staff that can attack all opponents on the field with magical energy.
  • One of the strongest characters who fights monsters with a special sword.
  • This class of heroes has a powerful bow, from which he can send a whole hail of deadly arrows into the enemy side.

Era of Celestials Download

It is worth noting that the magician and the warrior are male characters, but the archer will be a very beautiful girl. You will not be able to customize your heroes in any way, but it is possible to give them a name.

Travel the world

Fans of the genre will enjoy a wide variety of locations in Era of Celestials. Among them, you can visit magical forest areas, a huge desert, various steppes and scary dungeons. However, be ready to meet terrible monsters with whom you have to fight in all these beautiful locations.

Chat with other players

Since the entire gameplay takes place online, you will be able to contact other real users in every possible way. In addition, it is worth noting that you can log in to the game using various social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook or even Google.

Fascinating plot

The beginning of Era of Celestials takes place in a small town. So far, your hero has a very weak level, so he should not climb into dangerous trials. In addition, he has weak armor and the same weapons. Access to pumping these items is not available on the initial pairs. However, you will be able to improve all equipment and weapons a little later. In addition, the character will not have wings, so for now you have to move on the ground.

Era of Celestials Mod

Interesting gameplay solutions

After you understand the basic intricacies of managing your character, you can proceed to the passage of the first task. It is worth noting that you will receive more points for pumping your level by completing quests. To find any task you need to explore the location and talk to other characters.

In addition, you will be able to engage in fights with weak opponents, receive various rewards and upgrade points for this. As you progress through the gameplay, new armor and weapons will become available to you. You can find them or create them at the blacksmith.

Join clans

It is worth noting that since the game takes place online, you can unite in a variety of alliances and clans. With clan members, you can exchange a variety of items and complete joint missions. Share rewards for such clan quests equally between all participants.

In addition, you can engage in battle with other gamers. Challenge any character you see to a duel to show them your skills and earn extra experience points to level up.

Mod Info

Be ready to fight online with dozens of enemies. Cheats are impossible here, but you can try private server with unlimited money option.

Download Era of Celestials Mod APK


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