Fallout Shelter Mod APK 1.14.17 (Unlimited Money)

Fallout Shelter APK is a unique survival simulation in a post-apocalyptic world. Manage human resources and provide your people with wide possibilities.

NameFallout Shelter
Size284 Mb
PublisherBethesda Softworks LLC
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OS VersionAndroid 7.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Fallout Shelter is an exciting simulation project from the developers of Bethesda Softworks LLC. This time, you have to form a personal Wall Tech shelter. You need to take care of the survivors, make a close-knit team in the thick walls of your own bunker. Here you must simultaneously protect yourself and your comrades from new world dangers and at the same time actively revive civilization. In case you cannot wait to experience this cool post-apocalyptic survival simulator, then it is time to hurry up and start playing.

It all comes down to survival

The key to survival is in the team itself, you need to rally the largest number of people who will have special skills. You will need them to improve and expand the shelter. Use the skills of electricians, software developers, cooks and advocates to ensure the development of your own little shelter.

Fallout Shelter Android

It is worth remembering that the events of Fallout Shelter take place after a nuclear accident, a small number of people managed to avoid radiation. Consequently, most of the people and animals have changed, acquiring catastrophic figures, opportunities and an invincible thirst to take the lives of others. The walls of your bunker will keep your world from monsters. Equip a team of hunters in order to beat off systematic attacks. Plan your own forays into the wasteland in search of the necessary items, food and resources, without which you cannot survive.

Manage your team the right way

To get the most out of any group member, send them to work. In addition, organize your radio room in order to send signals to absolutely everyone who happens to be in the broadcast area to call them to your shelter. In addition to work and battle, your people can rest and start relationships. Therefore, their number will increase over time. Do everything to protect and feed them in Fallout Shelter.

Survivors under your command will perform different jobs. Some cook in a cafe, others work on generating electricity and others work at a water station. Activities and various benefits increase the condition of your survivors, affects the atmosphere in the shelter as a whole.

Fallout Shelter Download

Any inhabitant has his own list of data, which have a great influence on his suitability in a particular workplace. Reasonable ones are more suitable for working in a laboratory. Powerful ones will protect your shelter. Settle young couples in living quarters, which will constantly give you more and more new residents.

Welcome to the world after the war

Fallout Shelter is a shelter-building simulator. All gameplay abilities follow from this short interpretation. First period of passage provides you with bare land, a certain number of survivors and a minimum of resources. Your first priority is to ensure a comfortable stay for a small group of survivors.

After construction of key structures and distribution of direct responsibilities, other survivors will flow to you from the wasteland. They should also secure a position in your settlement and provide them with everything you need. Thus, we can summarize gameplay of the project briefly, but the whole attraction is in the details.

It is advisable to provide weapons to all residents, as raiders will come to your shelter. You need to defend yourself, both from monsters and from rabid people. Defender, by the way, is also a special specialty that you can put the most powerful survivors on.

Not without resources

A separate occupation are sorties into the wasteland. Before traveling, you need to equip your own character, because without a protective suit and a sniper rifle, there is nothing to do in the wasteland. After an effective mission, you will get a good “loot” that you can equally share among all the inhabitants of the shelter. In addition to standard sorties, there are also quest tasks.

Fallout Shelter Mod

Apply a certain number of warriors for such sorties at once. Fallout Shelter itself will move you to a different location where you can meet both weak radioactive cockroaches and deadly Deathclaws. Such quests bring rich rewards, but the possibility that your heroes will not come back is quite huge.

Carefully monitor any resource. Proper resource management is very important. If you have only one thermal power plant, then it is impossible to create a huge number of apartment and entertainment facilities. In addition, a small number of cafes will greatly limit the likely number of inhabitants in the shelter. There are many connections here, so carefully consider everything before any construction of new premises.

Mod Info

Unlimited money for all your needs.

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