FR Legends Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 0.3.2

Download FR Legends APK and participate in the most difficult races ever – drifting. Enjoy great physics, several modes and multiplayer.

NameFR Legends
Size99 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


FR Legends is a high-quality racing project that is completely dedicated to the racing style – drifting. This genre is striking in its variability and abundance of themes. The most devoted fans of this genre usually choose projects that have a narrow direction where only a certain type of race awaits them. This game focuses on stunning drifting completely and entirely. All fans of racing fell in love with roar of the engine, crunch of rubber on the asphalt and amazing pirouettes performed by participants in the competition. Enjoy cool physics of moving the car and detailed tuning, which can help improve some of car properties.

Unforgettable emotions from every trip

Spectacular effects in an interesting gameplay, this is what you need for a wonderful pastime of your free time. More than a million users are already enjoying FR Legends, so we recommend you to evaluate all the positive qualities of this project. Learn to master drift and compete in races with other participants for the championship. Unimaginable turns, cool stunts, very interesting gameplay features – all this awaits you in the game.

FR Legends Download

Win races, get big rewards and then look into the garage. There you will find a lot of tuning opportunities. Make your car not only faster and more stable on the track, but also change its appearance, adding even more uniqueness. Assemble your dream car down to the smallest detail. Do not be afraid to fight even the strongest opponents, because you can defeat anyone with special diligence.

Choose your difficulty

As part of FR Legends, gamers can choose the level of difficulty of the passage. The easiest ones are suitable for beginners, while racing masters should choose the most difficult degree of difficulty, which is almost impossible to win.

The developers took care of the fans of the most hardcore races and prepared for them some of the most unimaginable missions. During the playthrough, players need to drive at high speed and perform crazy stunts and drift, while trying to keep the car on a difficult road.

Great tutorial for learning

A small training stage awaits you at the very start of acquaintance with FR Legends. A short training run will undoubtedly help to understand all the intricacies of the gameplay. Learn the basic rules and learn how to control vehicles. Process of controlling the vehicle is the most important detail to pass. Therefore, try to study all its subtleties carefully and do not miss all the prompts that arise.

FR Legends Mod

The race that takes place as part of the training offers a variety of images with hints and meanings of all the main buttons and actions for which they are responsible. Even during the training level, you will learn about all the game modes that are available in this application.

Adrenaline boost even during training

When players successfully complete the tutorial level, they will be able to move on to the training stages. In the training race, you should choose the very first difficulty level in order to concentrate on driving and getting to know the car. Another training race in FR Legends is a good way to study the degree of controllability of a car. This allows predicting the behavior of vehicles on the roadway in the future.

You will be able to start real races after the end of training races. First, you need to select the mode itself, and then press the “Start” button in the main menu. This game has main and additional modes, where you can even choose the number of stars that you plan to receive for the race.

Not only single player

The majority of users consider Battle mode to be the most exciting in FR Legends. As part of its passage, players first compete with a bot and only then move on to a race with a real enemy.

Try your luck in racing on a variety of tracks with a huge number of obstacles and sudden traps. For example, such a trap can be a hillock or ravine suddenly formed behind a turn or a sharp loop in a turn.

FR Legends Mod

As in many similar projects, here the number of stars estimates the success. The number of points received, the time of the race and other points affects their number. Earn points for performing all sorts of tricks performed during the race on the roadway.

Learn to drift properly

The most important place in FR Legends is the very art of drifting. In order to perform this spectacular maneuver during the race, you need to hold down the brake pedal. The button responsible for this action is located at the bottom of the game window. While drifting, constantly control the movement of your car on the roadway. Otherwise, you can lose control at the most decisive moment.

At first, it will seem to you that drifting is the most difficult process in this game. However, after several attempts and races, you will learn all the subtleties of this maneuver to show a real master class on the road. Drifting is the fastest and most effective method of earning a large number of points. If you succeed in this trick, you can earn the maximum number of points.

Mod Info

Unlimited money.

Download FR Legends Mod APK


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