Gods of Boom Mod APK 30.0.275 (Unlimited Money/Ammo)

Download Gods of Boom Mod APK and immerse in a team tactical fights. Try to overcome your enemy and participate in different game modes.

NameGods of Boom
Size39 Mb
PublisherGame Insight
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod Info- Unlimited Money
- Unlimited Ammo


Gods of Boom is a new action project from publisher Game Insight. The game directly refers to such large projects as Overwatch or Team Fortress. Immerse in a multiplayer team shooter with a peculiar and unique setting. They staked not only on the dynamics of battles and approximation to reality, but also on the satirical accompaniment of everything that happens. You have to perform various tactical tasks while being part of a whole squad. Destroy the enemy within the allotted time, or you will lose, and you will have to start all over again.

Multiple game modes

The game supports both single player mode and team mode. You can play alone by joining other teams. Alternatively, you can just gather your friends or colleagues and show gods wrath to the enemy. Of course, it is easier to play with friends, because you can always choose one commander for yourself, due to which the team will act many times more efficiently. With a random selection of players, you will have to adapt on the go, and in a situation with an organized enemy group, you will have less chances.

Gods of Boom Android

In-game controls of Gods of Boom correspond to canonical ideas. Auto-aim and shooting have bad implementation here. Developers simplified navigation in the interface to the limit so as not to overload smartphones with excessive consumption of resources. The game deserves attention among both professional gamers and beginners. Based on reviews and reviews, the project leaves a very pleasant aftertaste for most players.

Start with learning

Immediately after the launch, you need to take an introductory training, and it does not take much time. We recommend that you do not skip this moment, because in the process of learning they help you understand the game mechanics of the project.

The main battles are fought in teams of 4 by 4 players. These are the blue group and the red group. For the most impatient, we have very good news – as a rule, the selection of the required number of players (matchmaking) does not last more than 10-15 seconds. It reflects the real popularity of the project, because the system will not be able to start the battle without the required number of players. This means that the game has more downloads, because sometimes AAA projects with huge budgets for development and maintenance cannot boast of high-speed selection of players for battle.

Destroy all your enemies

Gameplay in Gods of Boom involves throwing the player onto a map of their choice. At the very beginning of the battle, a countdown starts. You have to destroy the entire enemy team in the allotted time.

Naturally, doing this alone will not work, so you land on the map as part of a whole team. Your associates are also real people, so you will have to negotiate and coordinate the tactics of action. The team with the most number of them automatically wins.

Gods of Boom Download

Immerse yourself in colorful battles

From the very first minutes of the game, we advise you to pay attention to the detail and development of the characters. Despite the frankly “cartoonish” style of the project, the level of equipment of the characters is quite well done. Moreover, it will appeal to everyone who prioritizes bringing the game closer to real conditions.

At the same time, it is just not possible to take a normal weapon for yourself. It will not work to buy it either, since weapons are assembled from special drawings (or parts). You have to get them in battle. Let’s say right away – the system is built in such a way that it will not be easy to get a weapon. After all, the publishers specially built the internal economy and logic, thanks to which, there are not many details in one battle. This means that you will have to try hard to assemble another rifle for yourself.

Upgrade your arsenal

The player of the winning team can get some parts easily. Therefore, the speed of upgrading your arsenal depends only on the coordination of actions and skill. You will have to play a lot for one rifle, so it is better to immediately download and install Gods of Boom.

Gods of Boom Mod

In addition, the game has a whole list of side quests and special achievements. For each completed task, you will earn a certain reward. True, these achievements are quite difficult to obtain. In one of the tasks, you will have to kill 5 enemies with one grenade.

To complete this task, you will have to catch the moment when the enemy team huddle together. After all, the radius of destruction of a grenade is very limited. This task is not trivial, but the reward for it is worthy. Therefore, with all the achievements that the game offers you.

Upgrade combat mechanics

We recommend remembering that upgrading your weapons in Gods of Boom focuses on the level of combat mechanics. Therefore, do not forget to upgrade your weapons in time to match the level of pumping of the enemy or even surpass him. By going into battle with a weak firearm, you set your team up and reduce the chances of winning. Therefore, some players also use additional opportunities to upgrade their arsenal.

Now, Gods of Boom arsenal is very limited, there are only automatic weapons and shotguns. However, the publisher has already promised another update, which will greatly diversify the weapons in the game. Even in the existing arsenal of rifles, there is plenty to choose from, so there are almost users dissatisfied with the game. Even one machine gun has several modifications that you can upgrade, improving its performance.

Gods of Boom allow you to upgrade not only your arsenal, but also your characters. The main pumping of the character comes down to the increase in attack skill.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money/Ammo.

Download Gods of Boom Mod APK


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