Grow Castle Mod APK 1.36.14 (Unlimited Money)

Download Grow Castle APK and immerse in fierce battles with enemies and their bosses. Upgrade your castle, buy heroes and complete all levels.

NameGrow Castle
Size44 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Grow Castle is a fun strategy and tower defense game application. Unlike most similar applications, here you need to fight with your opponent in a wall-to-wall format. You need to put your main castle on the field and defend it with all the might with help of the soldiers. The battle itself takes place without your control. Castle defenders fight with the enemy army even offline. This project has a very beautiful and high-quality graphics, made in a drawn style. In addition, you will hear various sounds in the background during the battle. Fully immerse you in the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen.

Unique gameplay features

During the battle, players need to upgrade their main building, keep an eye on the army and summon new heroes from time to time. The game has several modes in which you can compete with virtual opponents and real users from the network. If you decide to play a single player campaign, then you will have an exciting journey through the various locations of the game. It is worth noting that here you will have access to many opportunities for pumping your heroes unlike similar projects. You can improve not only their abilities, but also armor and much more.

Grow Castle Android

Defeat the enemy at any cost

As noted earlier, the main task of the player is to destroy the opponent’s castle and protect your own. Your base will be a very small structure at the beginning of the single-player campaign. Only three heroes will defend it. Various monsters and other creatures will attack you at the first levels. Once you deal with attack of the monsters, you will get a good reward and points for leveling up.

Each time you raise your level, you will have the opportunity to improve the heroes and the main castle. The improvement process requires currency, so you manage it wisely and pumping the characters and the tower evenly so that there is enough finance for everything. Balanced pumping in Grow Castle allows you to win in any battle. If the players focus on improving the soldiers, but do not strengthen the tower at all, they will lose. All this happens because even the strongest fighters will not be able to defend an undefended castle.

Fight bosses

As you overcome the stages, the levels will become more difficult, as in any other similar application. The whole difficulty comes down to increasing the strength of your opponents. There will be much more enemies with incredible power, which will be quite difficult for your soldiers to cope with.

Grow Castle Download

To defeat such strong opponents, you need to use all your strategist skills and competently plan the entire game in order to win. Each of the stages ends with a battle with the main boss. It will be much larger than normal monsters. Moreover, it also deals very high damage to the main tower.

Convenient interface

The interface in Grow Castle is very simple. You will quickly memorize all the important indicators. There are two special indicators at the top of main game window. One of which shows the health of the warriors and the other is mana. In addition, another parameter displays the reload of shooters and health indicator of the main boss.

Choose your hero

As already mentioned, only three characters are available to you at the very beginning of Grow Castle. The further you go through the stages, the more heroes will open. Each new character in many times stronger than the previous ones. You can purchase heroes for in-game currency.

Grow Castle Mod

The game is different from the standard Tower Defense. Therefore, you need to make add-ons on your tower in order to summon heroes. Place one of the heroes in each such add-on. Some additional buildings can accommodate three characters. In addition to heroes, secondary troops will also help defend against monsters. Characters will sit in the tower, while ordinary warriors will stand in front of the main gate. It is worth noting that heroes have their own characteristics. Among them will be archers and magicians who are able to shoot fire or magic at any monsters.

Don’t forget about upgrades

Grow Castle represents a series of stages with battles. Each level offers you to go through several fights and then you can switch to the next one. All levels of passage will be marked on a special map, so you can easily navigate through them. Use it in case you need to go through any of them again.

As already mentioned, you can purchase various upgrades for tower and heroes in the game. Any purchases require precious crystals and coins. Earn the latter very simply in the process of battles. Precious resources are much more difficult to find and, as a rule, they cost real money.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money that you can spend on pumping your heroes, army and castle.

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