Guns of Glory Mod APK 7.22.0 (Unlimited Gold)

Download Guns of Glory APK and participate in numerous battles. Lead your state to world domination, train army and hire commanders.

NameGuns of Glory
Size870 Mb
PublisherCentury Games Publishing
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Gold


Guns of Glory is a very interesting strategy game. Game events take place in real time with the participation of other users from the network. As part of the gameplay, you have to lead the state and manage it in every possible way. As in any similar strategy, players need to take care of the economic side of management, military, scientific, and so on. In addition, it is necessary to establish diplomatic relations with their neighbors.

Unique combination of several genres

The game has a very interesting setting that takes place in France during the time of the Musketeers. If you like times like these, then be sure to pay attention to this project. The game has many social components that allow you to unite with other users in alliances and participate in joint events with a large number of rewards.

Guns of Glory Android

Since Guns of Glory take place in multiplayer mode, you need to take care of the military defense of your city, so upgrade your army as much as possible. At the very beginning, neighboring states will practically not attack you. Get ready for the fact that a little later, when you pump enough, the attacks of the neighbors will occur constantly.

Many interesting features

You can conditionally divide the entire passage here into several stages. The most important stage is the development of your city. At the beginning, each user has a small area where you can build a variety of buildings. As in any strategy, you will not be able to build an empire from a piece of land immediately. This process takes quite a long time, so be diligent and patient.

To develop your town successfully, you need to constantly extract resources and gain experience. The very first building to build on your site is the base tower. The development of all other buildings in the city depends on it. After the base structure, you need to take care of the mining industry. Namely, it is necessary to build a variety of mines, mines, farms and much more.

Create a strong army.

After you have taken care of the resource-producing buildings, you need to make a bias towards the development of your military forces. To do this, you need to build a barracks in which new fighters will work. The process of developing an army in Guns of Glory is very important, since neighboring players will periodically attack your city. When you have collected enough military forces, you can try your luck in battle with other users.

Guns of Glory Download

If you lose during the battle, you will lose a huge supply of your own resources. This will stop all development processes in your city. Moreover, it will take even more time to extract new resources. That is why it is necessary to assess the capabilities of your opponent as accurately as possible before each battle and not get into battle against powerful enemies.

Multiplayer in the days of the Musketeers

You will participate in multiplayer events on a large global map. Here are the possessions of other users, as well as certain locations for research. During such expeditions, you can find an area that is rich in various resources or valuable artifacts.

In general, the entire gameplay of Guns of Glory has the same tasks as any similar project in the strategy genre. One of the differences of this game lies in its design and setting. The creators from the company DIANDIAN decided not to introduce various orcs, elves and other magical creatures into their project. They decided to move the players to the setting of the legendary French musketeers.

Find a leader for your troops

It is necessary to train the military forces carefully for the successful development of your state. After you hire your warriors, you need to send them to training camps to increase their strength, agility, endurance and so on. In addition, players can hire the commander-in-chief of their army. Guns of Glory features many such heroes who can lead your troops. Each of the characters has a certain set of skills to upgrade. Upgrade hero’s skills by gaining experience points.

Guns of Glory Mod

Cool gameplay features

The developers decided to add a virtual assistant. This girl will tell you all the important decisions on the development of state and army throughout the passage. She will show you in detail how to upgrade your army, build structures, engage in battle and much more.

The battle process in Guns of Glory is very exciting. As already mentioned some enemy armies can suddenly attack your city and engage in a fierce fight. However, you yourself can visit the global map and choose a target to attack on it.

Since the game takes place in network mode, you will find many social opportunities. Therefore, you can join any alliance with other like-minded people. Alliance members can show each other all kinds of help. You can exchange resources, go on joint military campaigns and much more.

Mod Info

Unlimited Gold.

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