Hitmasters Mod APK 1.15.18 (Unlimited Money)

Battle with bandits and their bosses on multiple locations. Download Hitmasters APK and learn why laws of physics play a huge role in this game.

Size95 Mb
PublisherPlaygendary Limited
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Hitmasters – get ready to play the most fun puzzle game with action and shooter elements. You are waiting for hundreds of exciting levels of varying degrees of difficulty, as well as an interesting storyline and a cool main character. Imagine that you are in a room with dangerous bandits and you need to kill them all in order to get out. To do this, you have a large selection of weapons and cool costumes in your arsenal that change your appearance. You can also switch between multiple heroes that have unique abilities and gadgets.

It is all about reaction

A tough confrontation awaits you, in which you need to be faster and more accurate than your opponents. If you hesitate for a second or aim poorly, this can be a fatal mistake, because the enemies are always on the alert and ready to fight back. Hitmasters managed to combine several genres in one project at once. Therefore, you will find dynamic gameplay with interesting features.

Hitmasters Android

If you are looking for something new and unusual, then get ready for crazy fun and challenging tasks. You will need not only your dexterity, but also ingenuity for its implementation.

Use the knowledge of physics

Game mechanics use the laws of physics. For example, bullets ricochet off obstacles, move, discard and turn over objects. Of course, developers exaggerated the consequences of shooting, as the damage done. This is especially noticeable in moments when firing at an enemy character – his head blows or body falls apart.

Before you start shooting to kill, carefully choose the primary target. Enemies do not move or shoot back. However, quite often, enemy units hide behind barriers, shelters, sit or stand in ambush.

Variety of levels

The complexity of the levels in Hitmasters is different. There are very simple stages and some levels require hard training. In the first minutes of the gameplay, the player sees a splash screen, which explains the principle of firing. You can change the trajectory with a single movement of the finger. A red dotted line ending with a sight indicates the direction of the bullet’s flight. A short finger tap or cursor movement changes both the angle of the trajectory and the distance to the target.

Customize your hero

Player controls the actions of a nameless superspy in a black suit and sunglasses. 2D hand-drawn graphics provide hand-drawn standard people with different hair color, facial expression and clothes. A distinctive feature of the protagonist is a baldhead and long sleeves of a jacket that hide the hands.

Hitmasters Download

The agent is armed with a rifle (or other weapon) loaded with a certain number of cartridges. You can check its number on left side of the screen. The range of firearms is quite wide, from a shotgun to a laser gun. Change the skins of the character and his equipment from classic black suit to Iron Man armor.

Level up and buy various upgrades

The set of experience of the current level is displayed on a percentage scale. If you did not finish the fight due to lack of ammo, you will have to play it from the beginning. The second option is available – watch the video and get additional ammunition. Some enemies die after one shot, while others just change their place. At the tenth level, the gamer will face a boss battle. His destruction consists of several steps. The boss can change the appearance and even location.

The economic component consists of rewards for completed tasks and for entering Hitmasters. After five levels, a drawing of chests appears, game money, weapons and skins fall out of them.

Hitmasters Mod

Interaction with the outside world

You have to test your mind and intellect, combines elements of arcades and classics, action and realistic physics. Learn to think like a criminal in order to disarm him. Kill enemies not only with bullets, but also with your creativity. This is the only way to open access to new difficult levels, weapon upgrades, unique equipment and different heroes.

The main thing in Hitmasters is to think and include logical thinking. The game is built on tactics, there is some shooting, but enough puzzles. There can be 2 – 3 or more such puzzles at each level. Each player has a lot of time to think about each decision – there is no time limit. There is a small minus: commercials constantly appear on the screen if the player does not press anything for a long time.

Mod Info

Buy any weapon or skin with unlimited money feature.

Download Hitmasters Mod APK


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