Hungry Shark World Mod APK 4.8.2 (Unlimited Money)

Grow your own shark and lead to the top of food chain underwater by downloading Hungry Shark World APK. Eat everything you want!

NameHungry Shark World
Size154 Mb
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Hungry Shark World is a wildly original and fun action game. As part of the gameplay, you take control of a shark and go on a journey with it through a variety of marine and coastal locations. In addition to traveling, you need to feed your sea pet constantly. As the shark feeds, it grows in size, getting bigger and bigger each time. An increase in size allows it to absorb already large prey and become the main conqueror of the seas. When exploring the location, you need to be very careful, as larger rivals are hiding everywhere. Avoid also various poachers and other malevolent characters.

Start small

At first, you will be a very small shark that eats small fish, which swim shallowly. If you wish, being in a small guise to go to the very depths of the sea, then you have a chance to lose quickly. The deeper your shark is, the higher the chance of meeting big rivals that will swallow it.

Hungry Shark World Android

When you gain sufficient size, then you can start exploring deeper territories. Until that moment, it is better to eat various plankton quickly along with swimmers who have swum far away. The developers have added many interesting features to diversify Hungry Shark World. Thus, you will find several varieties, a wide variety of accessories for decoration and various weapons.

Even a child will cope

As noted earlier, you will start your gaming journey with a very small shark. Your hero will only be able to eat smaller fish or items. As you eat various prey, your level and size will increase. The more your underwater pet grows the larger prey it can eat. It means that you will quickly raise its level.

By the middle of the passage, you can equip your shark with various additives, another toothy helper or just dress up in cute pink ears. The graphics can boast of the highest level, as developers drawn all locations and heroes in detail. In addition, there is a very funny soundtrack and many other features.

Go on a real hunt

Hungry Shark World features a wide variety of locations both on land and at sea. As long as your fish are small, you need to move almost on the surface of the water so that serious predators cannot reach you.

Hungry Shark World Download

At the surface of the water, you can catch gaping tourists, various small fish and birds that fly close to the water. As soon as your size increases to sufficient volumes, you can visit the depths of the ocean. Many scary creatures will not miss the opportunity to attack you.

Carefully explore each location in Hungry Shark World for treasures. Each ocean or sea has its own secrets and features. Explore game worlds:

  • Pacific Islands – a resort with many tourists.
  • Arctic Ocean – snow, ice and a secret military base.
  • Arabian Sea is a port area and a pile of garbage.

These and many other depths are still unknown.

Don’t underestimate the enemy

Be extremely careful, climbing into the deep ocean areas. Hungry Shark World has several underwater monsters that will be difficult for even the biggest shark to cope with. To defeat such heroes, you should arm yourself with various items that are available within in-game store. If you manage to defeat the underwater monster, you can get a lot of coins and rewards, as well as increase your level.

Many sharks for every taste

As soon as you pump your first shark to the maximum level, you can open a new one and start passing with it. Regularly, developers release various updates and the number of heroes increases. In this way, you can play as a wide variety of predators and evaluate the abilities of each. Now you will be able to swim with a common shark, a tiger shark, a white shark and a real ancient megalodon.

Hungry Shark World Mod

As already noted, in-game store you contains a lot of exciting items. For example, there is a large section with shark accessories. All of them are not only decorative in nature, but also add some characteristics to the abilities of the fish.

Enjoy a wide variety of additional weapons in Hungry Shark World that you can attach to your ward. You will be able to destroy various opponents with it. Also, get an additional pet with which you can swim in all territories. The baby shark also needs to eat constantly so that it develops and is of great help in passing. Part of the food eaten by the baby counts towards the level of pumping of the main shark.

Mod Info

Unlimited money – upgrade your shark without limits.

Note: the money amount raises only while spending.

Download Hungry Shark Evolution Mod APK


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