Hustle Castle Mod APK 1.58.1 (God Mode/Speed Hack)

Download Hustle Castle APK and rebuild your kingdom from scratch. Create new rooms, train army, stand against evil and play with other gamers.

NameHustle Castle
Size140 Mb B.V.
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoGod Mode/Speed Hack


Hustle Castle is an original arcade game that combines two genres at once: an excellent strategy and a well-drawn cartoon RPG. In this game, an ordinary user plays the role of a real monarch. Take control of the castle and provide citizens with resources and protection from various monsters. Get ready for an enjoyable routine of setting up your stronghold, preparing experienced fighters and replenishing pantries.

Start almost from scratch

At first, everything looks quite standard – the lord lives for himself and does not touch anyone. Sometimes he arranges feasts, and does not want to change his usual way of life at all. However, ancestral possessions require constant supervision, so your hero has to join in the management of local affairs. Not only give commands, but also take care of the availability of resources and build the necessary buildings on time.

Hustle Castle Android

The first thing you need is to ennoble your own fortress: patch up the crumbling walls, buy 2-3 ballista’s and start urgently increasing the amount of available resources. In the process of arranging your home, you can arrange the rooms in the castle to your liking, creating an unique structure.

Subjects are the key to success

You have to manage not only idiot builders, but also lazy subjects who only dream of food. Train fat lazy people, provide them with equipment, and appoint to various positions. Keep in mind – leaving subjects for a minute without your leadership, you will get a crowd of fat men drinking and blowing winds. Monitor them constantly.

There are several types of professions in Hustle Castle. Each of them needs certain qualities, so carefully study the characteristics of each unit that comes at your disposal. A careful study of the “dossier” can help you choose a profession that best matches his qualities.

Pay attention to the original system of increasing the number of subjects. When the kingdom begins to miss them – send some couple to the boudoir. They will give you a new unit in a few hours.

Hustle Castle Download

Build a castle and watch the inhabitants

Arrangement of the castle is almost the main process in Hustle Castle. Create new rooms, change their location and appearance, combine and carry out a variety of improvements.

Do not forget that the people will be submissive only as long as everything suits them. If this is the case, keep an eye on population satisfaction rates and keep a few barrels of alcohol ready at all times.

Unique troop control system

Over time, players have to think about the fact that it is time to create their own army. The enemy does not sleep, and the forces of evil are already on the way. That is why it will be right to use the army to protect their possessions. First, you have to deal with the equipment of the soldiers. Upgrade them with additional armor and artifacts.

It is not so easy to get such items, but arena mode in Hustle Castle is always available for true connoisseurs. Participate in tournaments to defeat real players. As a rule, 15 lords take part in the tournament. Another condition is the ban on the use of magic. In other words, you must win in an honest way.

Hustle Castle Mod

Your army can include several types of warriors at once, among which there can be both infantrymen and magicians. The classification of troops can change depending on your strategic preferences. For example, some bosses can easily deal with a certain type of unit. In this case, it would be more correct not to take this type of troops into battle, but to replace it with a less resistant to specific damage.

Join a clan

Use the clan system to find new allies to wage war. It is worth starting with the fact that the main advantage of being in a clan is the ability to transfer resources. Now, Hustle Castle offers players two types of clans.

A public clan can accept anyone, but in this case, you may also encounter some disadvantages. Every clan has its own requirements. In addition, the public position in terms of helping new allies is also important.

A private clan implies the creation of a group of users united by one goal. As a rule, friends that add selected players there by prior agreement create such clans.

Mod Info

  • Speed hack that allows you master your deals faster.
  • God mode to destroy your enemies with ease.

Download Hustle Castle Mod APK


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