Idle Heroes Mod APK 1.28.0 (Unlimited Money/VIP Unlocked)

Download Idle Heroes and immerse in a wonderful process of creating unusual army. Battle with enemies, earn rewards and open heroes.

NameIdle Heroes
Size464 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod Info- Unlimited Money
- VIP Unlocked


Idle Heroes is a very interesting game in the role-playing genre. According to the classics, you have visit the most beautiful fantasy world. Here you will control a variety of heroes and take part in exciting battles with other users or bots. Explore the large magical world, collect a variety of resources and perform many other activities. In addition, players need to collect a large army and hire brave heroes who can defeat the main evil that reigns in this world.

Collect, chat and earn

The gameplay of Idle Heroes is very multifaceted, so you can also collect characters in addition to the usual battles. In addition to fighting with other users, you will be able to establish cooperation with them, namely to join various clans and alliances.

Idle Heroes Android

Clan membership provides many useful features. For example, you can take part in joint events and receive great rewards divided among all members of the union. Of the main features, one can single out a beautiful visual design and a clear interface that any player can understand.

Mix of several genres

It is impossible to attribute the gameplay itself to any particular genre. Here you can clearly see the elements of RPG, strategy and role-playing game with unique combat mechanics. As soon as you start the gameplay, you have to go through several simple steps. A tutorial will help you deal with the basic intricacies of gameplay and controls. Almost all the tasks of the gameplay come down to the fact that you need to form the strongest army, which includes only powerful heroes with strong military potential.

Once on the game screen, you will see your own settlement in front of you, where you need to develop your army. There are various barracks for hiring warriors, as well as altars and portals for summoning special heroes.

Idle Heroes Download

Create your own army

All warriors that you can call with the help of the altar are divided into three types according to rarity. Namely, players can hire ordinary creatures, superior and friendly. Buy ordinary creatures with in-game currency called scrolls. Purchase better heroes for scrolls or diamonds, which are a more valuable currency in the game. To open access to recruit friendly soldiers, you will need to reach a very high rank in Idle Heroes.

You can earn regular in-game currency by completing quests or event tasks. There is another method for obtaining a hero and it consists in collecting shards obtained in quests or battles.

In addition, all warriors will be divided into camps. There are a total of six of them. These camps have own strengths and weaknesses over representatives of the other camp. That is, warriors from one category can greatly outperform the second, while the second will be much stronger than the fourth, and so on. It is very important to consider this factor when assembling your main team of heroes. It is necessary to add representatives of all camps to the army to get the most effective and powerful mixture.

Idle Heroes Mod

Follow tactical thinking

As in all projects with implemented PvP battles, it is very important to place your troops correctly during the battle in Idle Heroes. Here in front of you will be located two lines for the placement of fighters, namely the advanced and the second. You should put the weakest warriors on the first line, and you need to place powerful fighters on the second.

During the battle, players will collect special ability points that can help activate the special skills of heroes. Every warrior on your team has similar skills. You can use a special essence to pump these abilities. In turn, obtain it in battles or when splitting other weaker heroes.

Fight enemies even without doing something

Presence of the auto-battle function in Idle Heroes is very good news for many players. Thanks to it, you do not have to spend all the time in the project. While you are away, the warriors will be able to conduct battles with various opponents or train.

Receive a reward for all their actions, which sometimes is very pleasing when you enter the game. There is no such auto-battle option in many similar projects. Therefore, when players cannot enter the project, they do not receive anything. Fortunately, here the size of the rewards only grows in your absence.

Mod Info

  • Unlimited Money
  • VIP Unlocked
  • Heroes Unlocked

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