King of Thieves Mod APK 2.53.1 (Unlimited Money/Gems)

King of Thieves invites you to become the king of thieves, clearing other people’s dungeons and constantly replenishing your own treasury!

NameKing of Thieves

Size95 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money/Gems


King of Thieves is an entertaining and interesting mobile application that combines several genres: RPG and arcade. Studio ZeptoLab, which released the game, tried to do everything possible so that it won the hearts of millions of users. The gameplay involves stealing gems from other users and then making upgrades using a special totem. Do not forget that you need to defend your home constantly to prevent thieves from entering it.

Unique approach to gameplay

Here you will see a short narrative story, which tells about the life of a former thief who wants to get his title back in order to get rid of numerous competitors. The application focuses on multi-user use, so you need to take care of a stable and reliable Internet connection in advance.

King of Thieves Android

This will help make the passage of the story more comfortable and exciting. Everything here revolves around dungeons, the actions in which take place in real time. We have to try, developing the motor skills of the hands in order to touch with the fingers. It would be nice to stock up on dexterity and attentiveness before starting the process. Jewels are constantly being hunted here, so you have to constantly defend yourself from other players.

Become a real thief

The gameplay in King of Thieves is reminiscent of the arcade games that were popular decades ago. The main goal of the application is to steal gems in order to become the best thief of this gaming universe. In order to win this title, you have to use not only traps, guards, but also other useful objects. Also, do not underestimate your own response, dexterity and ability to think tactically.

The basis of your world will be a shelter that can become a reliable protection for a thief. You can easily furnish your home to your taste. You can not only arrange decorative items around the room, but also install modern protective equipment. During the game, you will discover many unusual traps, saws, stakes, as well as many unusual dangerous items.

Use traps and boosters

In order to insure, you can use bloodthirsty creatures following the specified trajectory, destroying everything in their path in King of Thieves. The higher your level becomes, the more traps you can purchase. The developers have tried to make it possible to improve all available items, as well as hire the most dangerous creatures or do other changes.

King of Thieves Download

We should note that you could not build a completely impregnable fortress. After editing the shelter, it will be necessary to try it in real conditions. This is necessary so that the server is convinced of the labyrinth exit.

Upgrade your hero

After everything is arranged, you will have to deal with parameterization and customization of the main character. To improve it, you need to buy and upgrade the throne, as well as purchase unusual costumes. They can be of different types in King of Thieves, that is, differ in rarity and allow you to get interesting bonuses that make it easier to pass. Among them are increases in gold mining, an increase in the health scale, an increase in the number of experience points received, and much more.

Rare thrones can have a stronger effect on passive bonuses. In the same way, everything is arranged in costumes. Interestingly, with the help of a costume, you can radically change the appearance of the character. Each of them has similar bonuses as the throne. In order to gain access to new types of clothes, you need to find rare items mined in other dwellings.

Multiple game modes

King of Thieves has two modes: go through the storyline or fight in PvP mode. Thanks to the plot, you can train the necessary skills for thieving activities. If we talk about rewards, then here they are much less than in the second mode. PvP mode allows you to confront real players. You have to be careful and careful to get around many traps.

King of Thieves Mod

Use all available logical abilities to win the title of the best thief, as well as get a generous reward. In order to get into someone else’s lair, you will have to wield a master key, choosing the right combination. If you accidentally step into the trap, you will lose some of your life points, and the final reward may drop at a reduced chance. This makes the passage of the plot more difficult and brings positive emotions.

The main guideline of the rating are certain points given for the extraction of stones. If you managed to accumulate many stones, you can strengthen them with the help of a totem, turning them into larger stones. You have to wait a while for the ritual to be completed. What are the benefits of reinforced stones? They give a higher place in the league leading to the crown title.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money/Gems.

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