Last Day on Earth Mod APK 1.19.4 (Free Craft/Mod Menu)

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival APK and stand against hordes of zombies. Collect resources, craft different items, build and survive.

NameLast Day on Earth: Survival
Size611 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoFree Craft/Mod Menu


Last Day on Earth: Survival is a unique action game that mixes two genres: survival simulator and RPG. The player is waiting for a lot of dangers and unpleasant surprises. The protagonist is one of the few susceptible to the virus that has infected the entire planet and turned the population into the walking dead. Now you have to survive in every possible way in such conditions and look for a safe place. Finding himself in the epicenter of events, the hero has to strengthen dwelling, collect weapons and clothes, using improvised means.

Start life in a new world

The main plot takes place in the post-apocalyptic period. In 2017, the whole world was infected with an unknown infection that affected the entire planet. In just a few days, the disease mowed down almost all seven billion people. The main feature of this virus is that it does not kill people to death. It turns them into rabid zombies that destroy everything in their path.

Last Day on Earth Android

Some people survived the virus, due to their immunity. Now this brave team of survivors has to survive in this terrible world inhabited by bloodthirsty monsters.

It is very difficult to survive in such conditions. After all, ruins are everywhere and a dangerous monster can lie in wait around every corner. Brave heroes have to search the wreckage for the remains of medical supplies, food and at least some weapon for defense.

Defend yourself from zombies and enemies

Creepy zombies will be waiting for you everywhere and always. You need to be constantly on the alert and be ready to fight with them. At the beginning of Last Day on Earth: Survival, the main character appears without any items and resources. He needs to get weapons and food urgently, as there is no other way to survive here.

You need to look for the necessary resources in the surrounding areas. It is not necessary to move in a distant direction immediately. Here you can find everything you need. If you still decide to go much further without special equipment and training, you will die of starvation or fall into the clutches of ruthless zombies.

Other survivors are also unfriendly. Horde can easily destroy walls of fortifications. However, a winning tactic can allow you to avoid big losses and successfully attack yourself. To speed up development and protect yourself from enemy raids, it is convenient to make alliances with other players.

Last Day on Earth Download

Invent to survive

Get basic items for survival in nearby locations. The main thing is clothes and at least some spare parts for creating weapons. For example, a sharp piece of metal. It will be possible to make a knife out of it. Once you have assembled this basic kit, immediately go looking for food and firewood. You can collect anything, sticks, leaves, various berries. All these items will be useful for building a shelter.

Crafting takes place in Last Day on Earth: Survival, as in other similar games in this series. The main character first collects simple items, and then makes them more useful. Therefore, having collected a large number of twigs and wood, you can build a hut. Stones and clay will contribute to the construction of hearth.

Pure realism

The gameplay features very realistic style. You will freeze in the cold or starve without food, thirsty and all that is typical of real people. Therefore, before you start crafting or going in search of weapons, you need to check whether you have enough supplies so that the character can meet the needs of life. If the vitals are very low, the character may die.

Last Day on Earth Mod

Great technical component

3D graphics in Last Day on Earth: Survival are of high quality. Animated characters move around the playing field, lighting changes day and night. Developers thought out every little thing – from weapons to vegetable beds. During battles, you can control the actions of the hero and not watch what is happening from the side. You can select locations on the global map. Viewing angle – top view, which allows you to see the attacker from all four sides, without wasting time turning in different directions.

Special attention to detail

You can team up with other gamers to capture the base, but do not think that your allies will always give you a shoulder. On the contrary, they may be waiting for you to let your guard down to get rid of a competitor and increase percentage of captured trophies.

Use two types of weapons to participate in the fights – for melee and ranged combat. Select it depending on the situation. When examining the territory, you can accidentally find a valuable tool. Get ammunition from a merchant or find it in an airplane or a bunker, which you can enter with a pass.

Mod Info

Enjoy Last Day on Earth: Survival with next features:

  • Free fast craft.
  • Unlocked recipes.
  • Unlimited food.
  • Max Durability.
  • Instant travel through global map.

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival Mod APK


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