League of Angels: Chaos APK 2.0.0

Download League of Angels: Chaos APK and travel to a world that Ragnarok destroyed. Fight evil spirits and help your comrades.

NameLeague of Angels: Chaos
Size118 Mb
PublisherYouzu (Singapore) Pte
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OS VersionAndroid 4.2
Mod InfoNo Mod


League of Angels: Chaos is a massive action-packed MMORPG where you can choose your character class and plunge into spectacular battles across a variety of modes. Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure that will include various battles with enemies, as well as peaceful activities with other real players.

Successful attempt to revive the genre

To date, the MMORPG genre is actively acquiring new fans, so developers go to various tricks to bring new features to their products. To be as honest as possible, we cannot say that League of Angels: Chaos brought something fundamentally new to the genre, but it has every chance that seasoned fans of the genre will be interested in it.

League of Angels Chaos Android

One of the main features is its visual design. Encounter well-detailed characters, whose equipment items are mesmerizing in their appearance alone. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the animations of the characters. Do not forget that this creation comes from Asia, so the developer did not stint on visual special effects that accompany every action of the character both in battle and in peaceful activities.

Travel through a colorful world

League of Angels: Chaos is almost limitless, as new locations and sub-modes appear here with enviable regularity, allowing you to explore previously closed territories. There was also a place here for a full-fledged social component that offers you to contact other users in every possible way, uniting with them in separate groups or clans.

An abundance of game modes is also included with the project, so you won’t be bored here. The project is still young, but it already boasts more than one million downloads and twenty-five thousand player reviews. The project rating is currently 4.4 points.

League of Angels Chaos Download

Save the world from evil

As befits a real MMORPG, here we will talk about saving the world. Events here unfolded in such a way that Ragnarok came to the world – the end of the world, which someone predicted a very long time ago. Naturally, the once prosperous world plunged into real chaos with which the gods cannot cope alone.

That is why they began to send their envoys, whose main task was to fight evil and creatures of chaos. As you might have guessed, you have to become one of these messengers, speaking on the side of good.

Multiple hero classes

League of Angels: Chaos offers several classes of heroes to choose from. Here you can find a valiant paladin, a wise sorcerer and a well-aimed archer. Each class has its own unique set of abilities and tons of different equipment. Here is a huge world at your disposal. At first, although it seems linear, but very soon will give you complete freedom of action.

League of Angels Chaos Mod

Communicate with various NPCs and complete their tasks for a better understanding of everything that is happening. Do not expect anything grandiose from the tasks, as most of them offer you to kill enemies, collect items or look for quest characters in one of the available locations. Social interaction is far from last here, as groups and clans open up additional game modes with tasty rewards.

Hero action automation

An important component of this project is the ability to automate many processes. This functionality is found quite often in modern MMORPGs, so you will not surprise anyone with this, but Youzu Pte Ltd studio was able to do it. The fact is that here you can turn on the automatic mode and generally move away from the gaming device. Main character himself talks to NPCs, takes quests, destroys enemies and picks up quest items.

Balanced system of heroes and crafting

It would not be superfluous to tell you that Asian MMORPGs for mobile devices are famous for their intrusive donations. League of Angels: Chaos did not bypass the paid options. At first, you will not need help that you can buy for real money, but character progress slows down noticeably in the later stages.

This fact leads to the fact that it becomes more difficult for the player to compete with other users and the destruction of enemies is no longer so fast. Yes, no one will forbid you to refuse to donate completely, but this decision will affect further interest in the gameplay.

Mod Info

No Mod.

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