Left to Survive Mod APK 5.0.0 (Damage/God Mode)

Left to Survive is an exciting game where the player finds himself in a completely different reality and fights bloodthirsty zombies.

NameLeft to Survive
Size880 Mb
PublisherMy.com B.V.
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod Info- Damage/God Mode
- Unlimited Ammo


Left to Survive is a mobile app that is a shooter. You have to fight zombies and survive in a difficult world. This topic is extremely popular among gamers around the world. However, this project is not a template, as it has its own distinctive features. The authors of the project made it possible for gamers to carry out the gameplay together with friends or other users online.

Survival in the post-apocalypse

Left to Survive has many modes, as you can just shoot zombies. There is an opportunity to compete with friends or random people who are currently in the application. Post-apocalypse is one of the most popular genres, so games created in this genre are in demand and always occupy the top lines of the ratings. This project is no exception. Thanks to its high-quality graphics and user-friendly interface, many users liked the project.

Left to Survive Android

Players have to fight the zombie invasion bravely. It is still worth taking care of their safety and building the base. However, things are not going well with resources in the world where the apocalypse took place. You will need a huge sum of money to build a base. Take risks and unite with other players.

Welcome to 2024

You will play a character named Michael. A young man lives in the future in 2024, where zombies have attacked the world. There are no novelties of the future here. People live in a world where a global catastrophe has occurred. It is hard enough for everyone, because it is required to hide outside the city limits in camps for a long time. After all, bloodthirsty zombies walk the streets, but attacks are necessary, as food supplies periodically run out.

Don’t let the disease spread

There is a backstory about how zombies ended up in the city at the very beginning of Left to Survive. The country’s authorities themselves are to blame for this problem. They tried with the help of various developments to create a strong army that could fight any enemy and win. However, something went wrong during the experiments and then the killers got out of control and began to attack civilians. People had to hide and run away into the forests, where it is problematic to find them.

Left to Survive Download

The gameplay begins with the fact that the main character sees that enemies are knocking out a helicopter flying in the sky. Then he decides to help the people who are inside the vehicle. He rushes to their aid, so he meets new friends – these are Jesse and Connor. In just a short time, they become real friends and one team that bravely fights zombies.

Convenient game interface

Developers of Left to Survive have created a simple and intuitive interface. You should not worry that there will be any difficulty in managing. If you play on a smartphone, then only one finger is required. Find a sight on the display and click on it in order to shoot. There is a small control panel at the bottom of the screen. You can change the type of weapon or select other types of ammunition during the battle.

However, the developers did not allow Michael to move at the request. AI performs all actions by the system itself. On the one hand, this is a rather convenient feature, since it is not necessary to think that the hero has gone the wrong way. However, some project participants do not like it at all.

Fight hundreds of enemies

While playing Left to Survive you often have to fight with enemies, but it is almost impossible to do this without resources. For this reason, you need to engage in a camp, grow crops. It is impossible to move to a new level without money. Use in-game currency to improve weapons and gain new skills and points.

Left to Survive Mod

Players have to study all the enemies carefully. Each type of zombie has its own distinctive features. In order to win you need to show cunning, prudence and logic.

The city has a heliport, so you can use a flying vehicle when attacking enemies. This requires a lot of effort, time, resources, but this allows you to take advantage of others and rise in the standings.

Mod Info

High damage.

God mode.

Unlimited ammo.

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