Lords Mobile Mod APK 2.84 (VIP/Auto PVE)

Engage in war and create your own invincible army in Lords Mobile APK. Build your kingdom from zero, fight invaders and defeat enemies.

NameLords Mobile
Size834 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 7.0
Mod InfoVIP/Auto PVE


Lords Mobile is an RTS mobile game developed by IGG. Despite the cartoon style, the project can offer both three-dimensional graphics and quite serious, as well as well-thought-out gameplay. The essence of the game comes down to the constant development of your own settlement, accumulation of power, influence and additional lands on which you can extract resources. The ultimate goal of any player is to conquer the throne and return peace to the Empire. In fact, you can spend as much time on the application as you want.

Classic strategy plot

The plot of Lords Mobile is as follows – the Emperor who defeated the black dragon and founded the Empire is long dead. His dynasty ceased to exist as it degenerated, and the last monarch fell victim to an assassin. After the crowned died, the country plunged into civil strife, in which it threatens to simply fall apart.

Lords Mobile Android

The struggle for the throne is still going on and each of the lords is trying to take the throne. Lords Mobile offers to involve in this conflict. You control one of the heroes with a small squad. If you were able to reach the throne and pass the coronation, then you will become the next monarch.

Upgrade your army and strengthen your fortress

We recommend shifting the entire focus on the construction of mining buildings, such as sawmills. Pay particular attention to the resources on which the units form the army basis. A properly built economy will make it easy to build new levels of buildings and pump troops.

On the other hand, you can try to focus on the troops, spending most of the allocated resources on training new infantry. Again, such a big risk may not be justified. One has only to get to a well-defended fortress once, as a well-trained army will remain with miserable remnants not capable of causing serious harm to the enemy. In addition, they will not endure many resources either.

Economy is the key to success

With mining, everything is standard here: food – at mills, stone – in quarries, wood – at sawmills, ore – in mines. It is important not to forget to improve and maintain these particular buildings, since absolutely everything in your empire focuses on the extracted resources.

Lords Mobile Download

It would not be superfluous to mention the game currency, presented here in two forms: gold and crystals. You will receive gold for campaigns on monsters, capturing territories, completing daily tasks, and more. Crystals are a “donate” currency, but you still earn them for completing some missions.

Not without war

The difficulty in Lords Mobile is that your world is on the brink of war. Therefore, you have to explore new lands, trying to get unique resources. Also, get rid of the invaders, as well as fight monsters, including dragons and other mythical creatures. Moreover, such characters, as a rule, stand guard over the places where unique resources are stored. If you want to get them, do everything to win the battle.

You can also use those territories that you managed to capture. They can build hospitals, barracks and deploy troops. The game has many subtleties that players have to take into account when conducting a battle. For example, you can deceive your opponents by pulling armies back to deal a crushing blow.

Team up and play with your friends

Alliances play an important role in Lords Mobile. In addition to being able to communicate with friends, allies are able to help each other in attack and defense, transfer surplus resources in various ways and participate in major conflicts in order to win additional zones of influence for themselves.

Lords Mobile Mod

Naturally, large communities give many bonuses to their members. In addition to basic help with getting money, alliance players are able to destroy dungeon bosses together and organize light raids aimed at emptying the enemy treasury.

Choose your hero

The heroes themselves deserve special mention. These are unique warriors with own skills, as well as a special role on the battlefield. You can take from one to five of these fighters. Improve the skills of your lords then they will become a truly terrible force on the battlefield. The entire gameplay takes place on a common large map, on which dozens of users are playing at the same time.

Type and role of heroes determines their passive and active abilities, which players can also improve. If the character fell in battle, then a long and expensive recovery period awaits you.

Mod Info

  • Enjoy all the gameplay features with VIP unlocked.
  • Enabled Auto PVE.

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