Might & Magic: Era of Chaos Mod APK 1.0.74 (Money)

Download Might & Magic: Era of Chaos APK and immerse yourself in a fantasy world where you need to return the throne to its queen.

NameMight & Magic: Era of Chaos
CategoryRole Playing
Size53 Mb
PublisherUbisoft Mobile Games
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Might & Magic: Era of Chaos is a game developed in the combat strategy genre. The gameplay is a kind of continuation of the famous Heroes of Might and Magic. However, it is different from the original. In this series, gamers are required to manage Queen Catherine, as only she can help restore the country of Erathia. Constant battles between the living and the evil spirits destroyed the kingdom. The fighting continued for a long time, which led to the collapse of the state. Player needs to pass levels and engage in battle with different opponents.

A worthy analogue of the legendary game

In the process itself, the player does not take part, but has the opportunity to use a spell at any time to increase the chances of winning. With each completed stage, the gamer opens up new improvements for the warriors that he can purchase for internal funds. It is also possible to buy other heroes and increase the size of your army.

Might & Magic Era of Chaos Android

There is nothing from the original version of original saga, but the authors offer an excellent game in which you need to build a certain strategy in order to win. Those who prefer games in the genre of strategic battles will definitely like Might & Magic: Era of Chaos. The developers have created a good product with excellent quality graphics.

Innovations and differences

Gameplay will seem very similar for those familiar with the main franchise. However, it is difficult to compare with the original, since Might & Magic: Era of Chaos is created specifically for mobile devices, so there are characteristic differences between the two projects.

At the very beginning, you learn story about civil war that destroyed the kingdom. The ruler who rallied and united all the territories died. Daughter of the King comes to Erathia to restore the state from the ashes and bring order to the lands.

She wants with the help of loyal soldiers to stop the chaos that reigns here and take power completely into her own hands. However, the queen did not know that there were many contenders for the throne. Real battle for power and peace in its territories begins from this moment.

Might & Magic Era of Chaos Download

Complete multiple missions

After a little acquaintance with the storyline, you can start to complete missions. The whole gameplay of Might & Magic: Era of Chaos focuses on the plot, which creates an additional atmosphere. Interesting dialogues between the characters, intricate stories and intrigues await you.

The gameplay is very colorful and varied, the main difference from similar projects is the ability to improve the hero and increase the size of the army. However, many fans of original Might and Magic do not like that visually the characters have become like cartoons. Even there is a soundtrack from the original franchise at some levels.

Such similarity can have an extremely negative impact on the game itself. Maybe it would be better if the authors completely stepped aside from original and created a project that does not repeat the last series in any way. However, the developers wanted to attract exactly the old audience, which fell in love with the original.

Might & Magic Era of Chaos Mod

Take part in battles and upgrade your army

The gameplay itself is excellent, as it allows you to completely step back from reality and plunge into the world of battles. Queen has her own army right away, which makes it easier to start the game. You can improve warriors, but this will require finding special resources. Each army has its own ammunition in Might & Magic: Era of Chaos, which players can upgrade separately.

Visually, you can understand at what stage the improvement is, since they all differ in color. When all ammunition has the same color, then you can proceed to increase the level of the army itself. Then the detachment increases its technical characteristics and this has a positive effect on winning battles. However, you cannot hire fighters here, since the army upgrades separately.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

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