Modern Combat 5 Mod APK 5.8.7a (God Mode)

Fight against terrorists and plunge into exciting multiplayer battle by downloading Modern Combat 5. Choose among soldier types.

NameModern Combat 5
Size2 Gb
PublisherGameloft SE
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoGod Mode


Modern Combat 5 is a very interesting game made in the modern action shooter genre. Judging by the name, you can already guess that it is a continuation of the Modern Combat series. According to the plot, immerse in a continuation of the 4th part. Plunge into the story of the fourth part in more detail. Get to know Gilman Security and find out more information about additional heroes. Players will take part in exciting and dynamic battles taking place on the territory of Japan, Venice and so on.

Fascinating plot

As already noted, the plot of Modern Combat 5 is a continuation of the fourth part. At the center of the story here will be a Gilman Security agent named Kayden Phoenix. The company sends its operative to the most difficult operation, during which the main character and his team find out that the company is playing dishonestly and now it needs to be eliminated. You have to learn all the secrets of the corporation and close it.

Modern Combat 5 Mod

Once again, the terrorists are preparing an attack and the task of the special services is to prevent the plan from happening. Moreover, it is necessary to act quickly, since the terrorists have already declared themselves. It is with this informing about committed terrorist attacks that the game begins. Moreover, terrorist focus not only at physical destruction, but also at informational one. Now the hero needs to find and neutralize terrorist and hacker groups.

Armament variability

Not all of the roles will be open to the players at beginning of the passage, but most of them. During Modern Combat 5, you can unlock more classes of fighters, but this requires you to pay a lot of in-game finance. Each of the types of fighters has own unique skills and weapons. For example, an attack aircraft uses a submachine gun or an assault rifle in stock, while a scout has a pistol and a skill to move across the field quickly.

The game features a wide variety of weapons. In addition to acquiring it, you can pump it in every possible way, making it much stronger and better. Here, players will be able to modify almost every weapon in detail. More than a hundred modules and details are available for your experiments. Among them, you can change the sight and laser pointers, handles and much more.

Modern Combat 5 Download

Play by yourself or with friends

As already noted, Modern Combat 5 has two game modes, namely Multiplayer and single player campaign. In multiplayer mode, you can face real teams of players in a very dynamic battle. Single player mode is a series of missions to uncover the evil plans of the corporation.

When passing matches in any of the modes, players will receive special experience points. All of them will be summed up and act during the further game in any of the modes. During the passage of a single player campaign, you will see a video each time that tells main task of operation and its background.

Several types of soldiers

You can choose four classes of soldiers in Modern Combat 5:

  • He specializes in fast operations. It is best to use this character to reveal enemy positions. His main weapons are pistols, which he skillfully uses at close and medium range.
  • This character has a high level of stamina. As a weapon, he uses a shotgun and an RPG. It is best to take it when fighting at close range. In this case, he deals maximum damage to the enemy.
  • Storm trooper. The character is ideal in mid-range battles. His weapons are assault rifles that can inflict great damage on the enemy.
  • It is ideal for long-range combat. Use pistols and a sniper rifle for targeted shooting at the enemy. Also among the skills of this character is a great disguise.

Good visuals and user-friendly interface

By tradition, this series of games has a very beautiful and high-quality graphics and sound, which fully immerses you in the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen. The gameplay itself has several changes in a good way. You will find many new features and subtleties. In addition, players will find a huge selection of equipment and weapons.

Modern Combat 5 Android

Multiplayer mode offers players to fight against random opponents and invite friends to play together. During the battle, gamers can use various armed support: drone attack, auto turrets, bombers, airstrike attack. Make choice in the support selection window.

Mod Info

God Mode with Antiban option.

Download Modern Combat 5 Mod APK


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