Modern Ops Mod APK 7.74 (No Recoil/Radar Hack)

Modern Ops APK is a colorful and dynamic action shooter, which many players rightly call the twins of the famous Counter Strike.

NameModern Ops
Size546 Mb
PublisherEdkon Games GmbH
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoNo Recoil/Radar Hack


Modern Ops is another cooperative shooter with a truly hurricane atmosphere. Edkon Games adapted the gameplay by introducing extended functionality. Constantly improve your character. After improvements, you can try it out in fierce large-scale matches, ranked competitions and other modes. This is a truly original game project with its own unique atmosphere and a unique implementation of the shooter game mechanics. We can say that in some way this is a classic example of the successful fusion of two genres (team shooter and RPG).

Incredible success and worldwide popularity

This studio has long won the respect of the players, as can be judged by the success of each of their released products. Users love the creations from Edkon Games for regular updates and quality. A new patch always brings cool content to the game, which contains various skins, weapons, equipment items, locations, and even entire modes. Each update also fixes all sorts of bugs, which thankfully were few in the beginning.

Modern Ops Android

All this created favorable conditions for the growing popularity of Modern Ops. In addition, more than three hundred thousand users comment on the project, they give high marks and write laudatory reviews. Recent updates have resulted in a large number of patches, both in terms of gameplay and in relation to the servers, which have contributed to the rating up to 4.5 points.

Simple but addictive gameplay

The essence of Modern Ops comes down to a very simple idea. You will find almost everything those adherents of competitive shooters love. In fairness, we note that there are other options. Constant movement on different maps occupies most of the gameplay, where you have to participate in serious firefights. Tighten all your muscles and seize the moment of maximum concentration, because you may not return alive from the battle. Not literally, of course, but it will affect your game statistics.

Classic teamfight

At first, only the classic mode opens for a beginner. Participate as part of a team (against another team). After some time, you can explore other, no less interesting modes. Yet, team shootout is the essence of the game, and the vast majority of players go there.

Modern Ops Download

Shooters literally “penetrate” the monotony of game mechanics. Therefore, Modern Ops has prepared for you:

  • Side missions.
  • Achievement system.

If you follow the prompts of the system and complete the given tasks on time, the game will generously reward you with keys and currency. With their help, you can open boxes with various uniforms and weapons. The game literally overwhelms the beginner with gifts, which gives a starting impetus for further development.

Variety of modes

Another pleasant surprise in Modern Ops for the newcomer is the variety of modes. According to the developer, there will be even more of them later. A controversial statement, given the rarity of shooters that can offer more than 5-6 modes. At the same time, if you can make them interesting, it will be a nice addition for beginners. After all, diversity in such games is sometimes very lacking.

In capture mode, you have to hold certain areas on the map itself in order to get more points. Keep in mind you don’t have much time for this. If your team studies the architecture of buildings or just falls asleep, then the chances of defeat will increase. After all, the enemy has time to accumulate the required number of points and receive an automatic victory.

In the mode against all, you do not have a team. Just dive headlong into the chaos of a shootout and destroy everything that comes your way.

Modern Ops Mod

There is also the Bomb mode, which has already become a classic. Its essence is extremely simple. One team tries to break through to a certain point to plant explosives. The task of the other team is to prevent this.

“Knives” mode offers you to defeat the enemy with melee weapons.

A recent update has brought another new mode called Arms Race. Its essence is also simple – you kill the enemy and you get a gun. You kill another and get a submachine gun or a full-fledged rifle, or even a knife, falls out. And so on until the end of the round.

Create your own weapon

We should discuss weapons n Modern Ops separately, because you can easily upgrade them. Various sights, tactical pens and other “bells and whistles” are available for rifles. Assemble simple weapons with blueprints (obtain them from the chest). It takes a lot of time to collect one set of drawings.

Mod Info

No recoil.

Radar hack.

More features in mod menu.

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