My Mini Mart Mod APK 1.11.1 (Unlimited Money)

Casual simulators have long captured the attention of gamers. If you are also interested, feel free to download My Mini Mart Mod APK.

NameMy Mini Mart
Size45 Mb
PublisherSupersonic Studios
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


My Mini Mart is an exciting timekiller project with an unusual graphic design, built on the theme of trade and agriculture. The causality of such gameplay comes down to the fact that the developer tries to give up realism as much as possible, offering the user to immerse himself more in the mechanics of time management. The player needs to perform a number of diverse actions as quickly as possible in such games. This exciting game offers you to become a human orchestra, as you will manage the store and farming on your shoulders.

You have never seen such versatile games

Enjoy the versatility of the local gameplay. You have to develop your small farm and shop. On the farm, you can grow various kinds of vegetables and fruits, and breed livestock, which will provide you with eggs, milk and other agricultural products. You should immediately pay attention to the fact that in this project you will have to do everything very quickly. Any delay will cost you the profit for which your entire virtual business was started.

My Mini Mart Android

My Mini Mart will constantly throw you ways to earn extra money, which will help you move towards your goals. The gameplay here will offer you many opportunities to improve all areas of shop and farm life. You will definitely be pleased with the fact that any restrictions can affect the time of the game session. Now, the product has more than ten million downloads, and the number of reviews for it has exceeded one hundred and fifty thousand. The project score is three and a half points.

Tidy up your business

My Mini Mart is a great option for every gamer who has always dreamed of having a virtual farm and building his business on it. You will not pursue any specific goal here. Stay focused on a small farm and a market where you can sell your products. Absolutely all the profit that you will receive in the course of trading, you will need to spend on all kinds of improvements.

It should be understood that here you can improve not only your business, but also the main character. At first, you will have to perform all the actions yourself. In the future, you will be able to hire a certain number of staff who will take on some of the main actions. For example, with the help of assistants, you can forget about the need to serve customers at the checkout or stop running around the garden picking vegetables.

My Mini Mart Download

Do not think that assistants will allow you to relax while enjoying passive income. You will need to move around your holdings in order to carry out the necessary improvements and expansions. It is important to note that the game will not rush you in such a difficult task. There is no clear script here that you will have to follow. You will have complete freedom of action in terms of developing your business.

Simple but addictive gameplay

My Mini Mart focuses on the fast and accurate execution of a variety of actions. As mentioned earlier, you will need to manage your farm, which will bring you the products you need to sell in a small market. At the very beginning of the path, you will have a single bed on which tomatoes will grow.

You need to collect them in order to take them to the shelves of your shop. Naturally, in the future, the number of available products and counters will grow. Keep track of a large number of buyers, as they may be interested in a wide variety of products. By the way, there will always be visitors to your market. The developer decided not to simulate the real flow of customers, but made it so that you would not end up with customers.

My Mini Mart Mod

Sell ​​products and earn

Your shop will be a small area on the territory of which it will be possible to place various kinds of counters. Each of these racks and display cases will cost you a pretty penny. Keep in mind that each subsequent showcase in My Mini Mart will cost you more than the previous one. At first, you will need to replenish the counters with goods.

It is impossible not to mention the fact that your main character has rather modest physical capabilities, so the amount of products transferred will be strictly limited. Thus, in the initial stages, you will constantly run from the farm to the market and back. There is also a cash register on the territory of the shop, where satisfied visitors will gather. Each of them needs a service. The service includes the packaging of goods, which occurs automatically, and the receipt of money.

Hire additional helpful staff

To automate some processes, you can engage in hiring employees. They will automatically take on some responsibilities, making life much easier for your hero. Of course, users have many questions for these same employees, since artificial intelligence leaves much to be desired here. Each new employee will cost noticeably more, but this expense will significantly increase your profits, as the number of tasks performed simultaneously with each other will increase.

Plan the distribution of funds

The farm here is also a small area where you can have beds, chicken coops, cowsheds and so on. The vegetables you grow, you can feed to animals to get eggs, milk and so on from them. Some farm processes will run automatically. For example, tomatoes will grow without your participation.

Not so long ago, various decorative items were added to the toy with which you can decorate the store. Use funny hats for the main character, which can significantly change his appearance. All of these decorative items will be available to you for regular in-game currency.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

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