Given that we absolutely do not want this, we have to collect information about our users.

Technically, we get your IP address as soon as you visit a resource. This action is automatic and our team uses it only to understand the audience of the resource in terms of geolocation. For example, no one will be interested in a dating app in the UK if there are no visitors from there. Information like this only makes interactions with users better.

We also use cookies. In short, these files are stored on your device and help our website to load faster with your requirements already taken into account. This action is also automatic, but users can delete such data at any time.

In general, our Privacy Policy is no different from other websites, so there is nothing to worry about.

Finally, we indicate that we reserve the right to change the information provided above at our discretion. This is normal and may be required in case of creating a forum on the base of APKLM.