PUBG Mobile Mod APK 2.1.0 (Aimbot)

Be the one survivor with PUBG Mobile APK. Land on the island, craft weapons and try not to die until the circle will shrink. 

Size1 Gb
PublisherLevel Infinite
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OS VersionAndroid 4.3
Mod InfoAimbot


PUBG Mobile is an immersive shooter universe built with the best software designs from around the world. High-quality graphics, detailed gameplay and action-packed story line have made it one of the most downloaded around the world! Unsurpassed action awaits you, which is able to intrigue anyone who immerses himself in this amazing world. Unlock new abilities, learn weapons and develop your own strategy.

Battle royale progenitor

Your main task is not much different from most similar multiplayer shooting games – you need to kill the enemy before he kills you. So, until the only survivor remains.

PUBG Mobile Android

The scene is a tropical island in the ocean. All players get to the island using an aircraft from which the participant parachutes. Do not expect concessions once on the island. The developers have tried to make the task as difficult as possible for the players. Even the absence of shoes will prevent you from moving around, not to mention the complete absence of weapons or body armor.

Look for weapons and vehicles

The good news is that players land on the island far from each other, so you have a very real chance to look around and try to find a basic set of equipment. There will be no particular problems with armor and weapons, but everything will be more fun with the search for ammo. It is hard to find them, even removing swag from dead players, the chances of getting an extra clip are small.

A separate advantage of the game was a variety of vehicles. By playing PUBG Mobile, you will be able to use any vehicle that is able to move. It can be buggies, SUVs, trucks – choice of cars is quite large. True, there will be the same problem with fuel, as with ammunition. Therefore, stock up on canisters of fuel in advance – it will be a shame if your transport stops at the most crucial moment.

No concessions

Remember that you are not alone on the map. Perhaps right now a sniper is aiming at you. The shot can be critical, so it will not work. Keep moving. If you have just been shooting, then you need to change your location. After all, other players hear you and certainly go in search of you.

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Try to play carefully and not stick out once again. If you exchanged fire with a person for a long time, but no one died, then it is advisable to leave that place. Also, do not stop for a long time. This will make you an excellent target for a sniper. Pick up things on the move not giving your opponents extra chances.

The most important goal of PUBG Mobile is to be the only survivor. However, this does not mean at all that you have to kill everyone. After all, other players can do it for you. If you have a small amount of health, then it is advisable to sit in a secluded place and not climb out. Pick up various first-aid kits and pills from the floor. They will replenish your health. There you can pick up weapons, ammunition and protection. Try to smell ammo and medical supplies.

Survive and win at any cost

To stay alive on this cursed island in PUBG Mobile, you need to solve several issues:

  • Selecting the type of weapon. Do not collect the same type of rifles or pistols. Since there is no universal weapon, you need to have a knife, a shotgun for attacking at a short distance and a sniper rifle for long-range combat.
  • Local camouflage. The island is uninhabited, but many different buildings can protect you from enemies. You can also use various shelters, recesses or elevations. The latter offer a good overview and you can fire with a sniper rifle.
  • Equipment search. Upgrade your head protection with a helmet and put on a body armor. Get a backpack that will increase your carrying capacity. A backpack is necessary for storing cartridges, first aid kits, etc.
  • Use of grenades. The developers have made it so that the grenades in this game have a high damaging ability. Therefore, you can use them for both attack and defense.
  • Be on the move. Try to keep moving. Hitting a moving target is always harder than hitting a standing one. Do not wait for the enemy to aim and make an accurate shot.

PUBG Mobile Mod

Multiple game modes

There are three modes in PUBG Mobile: solo, duo and squad. In the first case, you will fight alone against a whole server of the same singles as you. Duo mode involves working in pairs with your comrade in arms. Naturally, units of two people each will also act against you.

The squad will require maximum coherence and communication from you, since there will be as many as four people. To communicate with partners, you will have access to both text chat and voice conversations. The character does not die immediately in command modes. If your partner is disabled, you will be able to restore him for some time.

Mod Info

Kill enemies even without aiming at hem with aimbot.

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