RAID: Shadow Legends Mod APK 5.80.0 (Battle Speed)

Download RAID: Shadow Legends APK and fight for your glory in a battle with forces evil. Assemble a team of brave heroes and upgrade them.

NameRAID: Shadow Legends
CategoryRole Playing
Size150 Mb
PublisherPlarium Global Ltd
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoBattle Speed


RAID: Shadow Legends is a very entertaining mobile game made in the RPG genre. Plarium Global Ltd. developed the project. As part of the process, you will be very impressed by the variety of game modes. Enjoy a huge selection of characters that you can upgrade according to various parameters. Participate in exciting battles in which you need to not only mindlessly fight opponents, but also carefully plan your every action and predict the behavior of your opponent. It is also worth noting the very interesting plot, although we cannot call it original.

Save fairy world

RAID: Shadow Legends has a very detailed training system that helps all players understand process intricacies quickly. According to the classics, the storyline tells about the confrontation between evil and good forces. Players have to act as a representative of the good side and in every possible way resist the evil forces that want to enslave the entire fairy-tale kingdom of Teleria.

RAID Shadow Legends Mod

To save this virtual world, you need to assemble the most powerful army. Destroy all enemy forces, as well as restore peace and tranquility in the expanses of Teleria. Players need to try on the role of a wise leader and assemble the most courageous group of the strongest heroes of Light and Darkness, uniting them under their command.

Choose your race

One of the most interesting features in RAID: Shadow Legends are the characters themselves. Now, players expect more than a hundred different heroes with unique characteristics and abilities. All warriors here come from several factions and four sub-fractions:

  • This category includes elves who have entered into friendly relations with barbarians and people from a holy order.
  • Gaellen Pact. Here the tribes of orcs and lizardmen united.
  • This clan included representatives of the dark elven people, as well as apostates, demons and necromancers.
  • Nyresan Union. This clan is not yet in the game, but the developers promise to add it in the near future.

As you have already noticed, there is simply no clear division into evil and good sides in this game. We recommend gathering representatives from different sides of the conflict in your group, as this is the most advantageous option. Belonging of a warrior to any particular group practically does not play a role, since belonging to a certain element is much more important.

RAID Shadow Legends Download

Upgrade your heroes

You need to take part in story quests and tasks to find new heroes. In addition, the call of warriors is available through a special portal. Completing story missions may bring an epic or even legendary hero. However, such a chance is very rare here.

In order to summon a hero from a magical portal, players must first collect a certain number of special shards. This resource also has its own degree of rarity and variety. The very process of summoning heroes through the portal is very similar to roulette, in which success depends only on luck. That is why players cannot choose the desired hero and have to be content with what they have.

You can arm and equip your characters, as you want. Improve equipment and be ready to choose it from several types. Get clothing and equipment as a reward for completing story missions, arena battles and dungeons.

Various game modes

To date, RAID: Shadow Legends has several game modes. Among them are:

  • Story company.
  • Clash of clans.
  • Faction war.

RAID Shadow Legends Android

Take part in online battles

The battle process within RAID: Shadow Legends takes place online. That is why you have to fight with real players from the network. Successful completion of the battle brings a good reward in form of rank points, which can open access to the PvP league. If you manage to break into any of the leagues, then you will get many various useful bonuses. The main task in such battles is to collect the strongest team of heroes and successfully defeat the enemy.

Follow the energy

Players spend energy during the battle. It takes quite a long time to recover and you will not be able to continue the passionate gameplay without it. If you really don’t want to stop the game, then you can also pay with real money and continue the game process.

Mod Info

High Battle Speed.

Download RAID: Shadow Legends APK


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