Random Dice Mod APK 7.6.2 (Unlimited Money)

If you were looking for an interesting card game with a logical background, Random Dice Mod APK is sure to suit your taste.

NameRandom Dice
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Random Dice: PvP Defense is an original project based on a typical tower strategy. Plunge into the world of unique battles with real opponents. Get a certain set of attacking elements. They do not have universal characteristics, so you have to choose your deck very carefully. Don’t forget that every element in the game has a set of debuffs and buffs. Consider this factor before you implement a defensive tactic. Upgrade towers through the mechanism of merging homogeneous cubes with constant numbers. Alas, not everything depends on you. Therefore, the tower will change randomly, and it is far from always possible to predict the further development of events.

The most original game ever

Many players complain that there is no normal training for this game. This is true, because it is quite complicated. This is not just a casual indie project, but also rather its own world with rules and incomprehensible mechanics. Today we will also talk about how Random Dice works from the inside, having analyzed a small introductory deck and dice.

Random Dice Android

Exciting gameplay

Random Dice space consists of several parts. One field will reflect the actions and tactics of your opponent, and yours in the other. At the very beginning of the game, the parties get points. With their help, you can use the call. The call adds one cube. Keep in mind that you cannot control the color and number of the cube. Randomizer selects these values, which adds complexity.

Be prepared for the fact that the enemy will try to squeeze all the juice out of you. He will attack continuously, so you need to connect the elements in time. Articulating cubes allows you to increase the level. The cubes themselves merge into one. In addition, modernization (pumping) of a certain color is available in the game. At the start, you have quite a few resources. Keep this in mind and do not throw all the points into pumping. Otherwise, it will end in defeat for you.

Simple instructions

Each cube in Random Dice has a number of characteristics:

  • Target.
  • Mana Points.
  • Attack speed.
  • Attack Power.

The target may be the front side. Whereas attack speed is measured in seconds. By type, we mean damage. It can be magical or physical. Each card will give additional upgrades and boosts. For example, a chameleon combines with any cube with which it has the same number of points. However, the sacrificial one does not have such a universal property.

Random Dice Download

Why are we talking about these two cubes? On their foundation, you can make yourself an excellent starter kit. Mine these cards in PVE mode. Recommendation: start with PVE mode. If you do not plan to donate from the very beginning, then you will receive all the necessary knowledge, resources and collect the necessary starting deck.

Create your own winning strategy

There are other cards in Random Dice as well. For example:

  • Mining (add mana with a certain interval).
  • Hungry (mana is given every 2-3 hits), etc.

Quality of the effects of the die directly depends on the number of mana points. Therefore, start with a unique and sacrificial cube. Now we need to decide on three more. You need to decide what features your deck should have. Usually, without a legendary, a deck in Random Dice can have one or two possibilities:

  • Strengthening combat elements (affects the chance of critical damage or improves attack speed).
  • Weakening waves (directly affects the enemy).
  • Damage against bosses.
  • Defense (perfectly beats off strong waves of the enemy).

Start from the very bottom

You need to understand that with a deck for a beginner, you will be able to go up to a maximum of 10 ranks. Consider the fact that already from rank 8, some opponents will receive the first legend. A simple combination (iron, locks and spikes). It is not familiar deck, but it is great for beginners. Because you can deal massive damage to all opponents at once.

Random Dice Mod

The strategy for playing this deck in Random Dice is very simple. We pump spikes up to a hundred during the first wave (it is desirable to reach 400). Spend all remaining mana must be spent to deploy. As the first boss appears, use several iron cards. Spikes allow you to win a decisive victory in waves 2-3.

Do not forget to take into account the set of the opponent’s deck. If we are talking about bosses, then crush them on the way. Otherwise, you will lose the moment the enemy reaches the end of his route.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

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