Real Racing 3 Mod APK 10.4.3 (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Download Real Racing 3 APK and enjoy the most popular racing game for Android. Participate in different races and ride cool cars.

NameReal Racing 3
Size44 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod Info- Unlimited Money
- Unlimited Gold


Real Racing 3 is a fun racing game that focuses on realism. It features many replicas of real racetracks that host popular international competitions. You have to compete with other opponents in a variety of modes, allowing you to gradually increase your position in the ranking and improve your skills. With desire and perseverance, you can become the most successful racecar driver in the entire gaming world. Racing cars can be subject to various types of damage. The developers have made great use of the concept of realism, so you can clearly feel the coverage of the track. The car reacts quite realistically to control commands.

Move up the career ladder

Participate in many exciting races. At the same time, only some of the available cars are available at each stage. Initially, a limited number of tracks are available. Open new routes as you improve your skills.

Real Racing 3 Android

Gold and dollars are in-game currency. Obtain them for participating in races. In addition, each race in Real Racing 3 gives a certain amount of experience. To get more experience, you need to pass the tracks better, improve your skills, and get a variety of game achievements.

Gamers will need to earn not only money, but also gold. The fact is that one part of the goods requires gold coins, while other requires dollars. If desired, you can make tuning and technical re-equipment, but for a fee.

Well-designed interface

The main screen in Real Racing 3 displays all the necessary information. You can see the data about week race in the central part. There is also a tab where you can see your own statistics and progress level. Learn information about achievements, number of races, the most used car and other interesting data.

When the player starts the game, he can choose from seven different types of controls. Each of them differs in combinations of accelerating, braking and turning the steering wheel.

Helper functions will be useful for newcomers to the game. They allow inexperienced gamers to feel more comfortable on the racetrack. These functions work automatically. For example, brake on tight corners, accelerate on flat areas are and enjoy soft steering. Since these functions are automatic, manual control becomes somewhat more complicated. On the other hand, you will not drive through complex maneuvers, which allows you to concentrate on the race process.

Real Racing 3 Download

Choose game modes for every taste

There are several varieties of races in Real Racing 3, but there is no possibility of free skiing to study the features of a particular track. The most popular are championships and week races. However, there are other interesting types of races:

  • One on one. This mode involves the rivalry of only two players among themselves. Purpose of this race is to arrive at the finish line first.
  • When switching to this option, you need to drive as much mileage as possible in just 1 minute. However, if you manage to overtake one of the opponents, then time amount will increase. Since the selection of rivals is determined randomly, it is likely that no other car will fall along the way.
  • This mode also involves only two racers who compete for the right to be the first to the finish line. However, there are restrictions on driving. Functionality is limited to increasing speed and shifting gears. The braking function is disabled.
  • Maximum acceleration. When choosing this mode, the main task is to overcome the segment of the distance at the highest possible speed. If the opponent shows higher speed performance in this segment, then he becomes the winner.
  • Speed ​​record. Here you need to drive as quickly as possible a few circles. The winner will be the one who does it faster and the maximum speed does not play a role.
  • This is a fun mode that will appeal to many fans of racing simulators. It is necessary to try to catch up with the driver, who started much earlier.

Dozens of cool cars

Of the main features of Real Racing 3, one can single out an extensive range of various cars. Both budget models and chic expensive supercars are available. The list of available offers expands in the process of passing. In parallel, number of possible tournaments will also increase.

Real Racing 3 Mod

You can buy a new car in the internal store. When choosing the right option, you should consider the technical characteristics:

  • Maximum speed.
  • Acceleration time.
  • Braking quality.
  • Road grip level.

There are no other characteristics, so there is no way to increase power or change the suspension.

Among other main advantages, players note the realism of various breakdowns. In this case, not only external parts can break, but also internal units, including the flywheel and fuel pump. Make repairs in a realistic manner, so repairing defective parts can take up to several hours. There is also a function of prompt repair work, but you have to pay an additional few gold coins for this.

Mod Info

Unlimited money and gold.

Download Real Racing 3 Mod APK


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