Rebel Inc Mod APK 1.12.6 (Premium Unlocked)

Download Rebel Inc Mod APK and immerse yourself in a state of war. Become a real governor and lead your people to success.

NameRebel Inc
Size71 Mb
PublisherNdemic Creations
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked


Rebel Inc is a very exciting mobile game in the genre of simulation and strategy. The developers are Ndemic Creations that are already famous as creators of original simulators. One of the most striking projects of this studio was Plague Inc. That is why all players who like the virus simulator should pay their attention to Rebel Inc. Here, as part of the process, you need to become a wise ruler who can resolve the problems of the rebellious state. You need to take care of economic issues, military, social and so on. It is necessary to make every effort and strategic skills to suppress the rebellion and save the state.

A new subspecies in the simulator genre

Observe a special school of stability in the province to track the success of your actions. If you move in the right direction, this scale will increase. Since the state is mired in rebellions, many problems have formed here. That is why you need to solve financial and military issues in the first place. There are no supplies due to endless wars and therefore there will be no income for the further prosperity of the state.

Rebel Inc Android

In addition, it is very important to settle foreign policy, since neighboring states will attack you while your country is in internal conflicts. This project has no age restrictions, so both adults and children can enjoy an exciting game. It has good graphics and very realistic mechanics. Any player will quickly understand the intricacies of the gameplay thanks to an intuitive interface.

Dozens of different missions

The entire gameplay in Rebel Inc consists of separate missions related to peacekeeping activities. All events take place in completely different locations, including wild forests, vast deserts, mountain ranges, and so on. In addition, developers release updates with new locations and many other gameplay features.

As already noted, you need to become the manager of a huge state as part of the gameplay. Well, it is worth noting right away that you will not be able to act directly. Governors and advisers take care of everything for you. You only make decisions and your subjects will be engaged in implementation of all ideas and plans.

Economy is the key to success

As in any state that has undergone wars, the first thing to do is to deal with economic stability. That is why you need to come up with many ways to get at least a few resources to restore your territory. In addition, you can enter into foreign policy alliances and ask for help from neighboring states. The inhabitants of your territory need food, water, education, medicine and many other resources for comfortable survival and development.

Rebel Inc Download

When you get your initial resources, you need to start building a suitable infrastructure. That is, it is necessary to build various mining plants, offices, think over a system of roads, and so on. In addition, the most important aspect that needs that requires almost all your efforts is the military structure. You need not only to assemble a strong army, but also to develop various military technologies.

Manage resources correctly

As soon as you launch Rebel Inc for the first time, you will need to choose a location to rule, as well as assign the role of governor and advisor. Your subordinates have own points of view to resolve the resulting conflict. Only you have to make the decision proposed by your subordinates.

The opinions of advisers and governors vary greatly, and some of them offer to ally with the terrorists, while others propose to destroy all groups on the contrary. Which way the state will go is up to you. However, it is worth remembering that the fate of the whole country depends on all the decisions made here.

No donations

A nice feature of Rebel Inc. is that there is no advertising content here. In addition, players do not need to purchase additional resources for real money. It is also worth noting that you can play this simulator even without connecting to the network, since the project takes place in single-player mode.

Rebel Inc Mod

Win at any cost

You need to make every effort and strategic skills to win any of the matches. The easiest victory is to cooperate with the terrorists. Messages from terrorists appear about the beginning of peace negotiations periodically. It is up to you to decide whether to join them or continue the offensive.

Another way to win is to enlist the full support of your region. By building various buildings and establishing infrastructure, you will receive a certain reputation and support from the inhabitants. If the territory entrusted to you has a green color, you will be able to eradicate all terrorist groups.

Mod Info

Premium Unlocked.

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