Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK (Unlimited Gems)

Rise of Kingdoms is a global multiplayer online strategy in which you need to develop your own civilization.

NameRise of Civilizations
Size51 Mb
PublisherLilith Games
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Gems


Rise of Kingdoms is an interesting game project made in the strategy genre. As part of the gameplay, you have to become the leader of an entire civilization and lead it to prosperity. This game differs from many similar projects in that events take place here in real time. This means that you will have to wait a certain amount of time before a certain action is completed. As soon as you start the passage, you have to choose a faction and start developing your possessions.

Lead your people to success

At first, your territory will be very small, but you will be able to turn it into a real metropolis over time. In addition to the construction of buildings, it is necessary to develop the military forces, as well as the economy and relations with other neighbors. All states inRise of Kingdoms come down to one large global map. Each of the kingdoms has a real player from the network as chief, with whom you can interact in every possible way.

Rise of Civilizations Android

You can go to war against the state or establish diplomatic relations. This project has many gameplay features that will not let you get bored during the game. Good graphic design, a clear interface and an easy control system are the main features. All this allows any player to quickly get used to the intricacies of the process and proceed to its passage.

Keep track of the economy and prosperity

There is no plot in Rise of Kingdoms, so you can immediately start going through the process. The game begins with the fact that it is necessary to choose one of the civilizations and begin its development. Fortunately, you can find a training stage, which tells about all the gameplay features at the very beginning.

As in any similar strategy, players need to take care of several factors at once in order to bring their state to prosperity. The main ways of development include military force, economy, construction and foreign policy. The most important parameter on the initial pairs is the economy.

You need to allocate your resources very competently in order to erect new buildings and hire soldiers for the army. Take care of the resource extraction itself, without which you will not be able to move beyond the initial stages.

Rise of Civilizations Download

Compete with other players

Since Rise of Kingdoms features online mode, you will only be in contact with real users. That is, you have access to a global map where you can view neighboring states belonging to other gamers. Contact them in every possible way, entering into friendly alliances or fighting for territories.

RTS in its purest form

As noted above, the playthrough takes place in real time, which means that you will need a certain amount of time to complete any of the gameplay actions. That is, each building, hiring soldiers and studying technologies takes some amount of time. Therefore, get ready that you will not be able to go through the whole game quickly. The main task of the entire passage is the competent management of your possessions and ensuring rapid development, which helps your population prosper over several centuries.

You will start the passage from primitive times. That is why a very small number of buildings and various improvements is available to you. Try to develop as quickly as possible to move into a new century and discover many new gameplay opportunities.

Local and global map

In general, the entire gameplay of Rise of Kingdoms consists of several parts. Chief among these parts is the process of building, prosperity, exploration of new lands and, of course, battles. The process of construction and prosperity takes place in the window of your city. You need to visit the global map of all users for research and battles. In your town, you can build a wide variety of constructions. Study technology and science and improve the comfort of your residents in every possible way.

Rise of Civilizations Mod

The gameplay that takes place on the screen with a global map also gives you many unique opportunities. For example, by choosing a neighboring state, players will be able to go to war with it and recapture many useful resources for the development of their civilization.

In addition to the states of other users, you can find a variety of mines and places with treasures on the map. Go to explore similar locations to get many resources.

Mod info

As in any similar strategy, developers implemented donation system here. By paying real money, you will be able to speed up all the processes in the game. That is, if you get tired of waiting until your army reaches a neighboring state, then you can speed up this process for precious in-game currency. In turn, it is very difficult to get, while the easiest way to get it is to buy for real money.

However, you can download our mod that provide you with unlimited gems needed for these operations.

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