Romance Club Mod APK 1.0.13350 (Premium Choices)

Romance Club is a collection of interactive stories on different topics. Immerse in incredible plot and become its direct participant and even the author.

NameRomance Club
Size26 Mb
PublisherYour Story Interactive
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoPremium Choices


Romance Club is an exciting visual novel toy for Android from Your Story Interactive studio. As the game progresses, you need to choose a specific sequence of actions that eventually lead to a specific ending. In fact, the players will form the main plot themselves. Think through the characters, personalize their appearance and make important decisions in their lives.

Feel other people’s stories

If you have ever dreamed about your story where you are the only writer, then you should definitely play Romance Club. The game has beautiful two-dimensional graphics. There are no scenes of violence or blood here, but the key theme of all plots is adventure and love. As part of the gameplay, players have to play for different characters and travel to different worlds. Observe the development of events according to a scenario set only by you.

Romance Club Android

Convenient interface and management

Controlling the gameplay in Romance Club is very easy. In fact, it requires only minimal effort, because the project is loyal for newcomers. Main menu invites you to select the novel that interests you and immerse yourself in the game. Remember that you can buy new scenes from the series with diamonds. Customize the appearance of characters during the course of the game.

The gameplay itself takes place autonomously without user intervention. Players only make certain choices in character dialog boxes. Carefully follow the action so that the choice is logical.

Extensive gameplay options

Change appearance of the main character in every story. The editor here is not as impressive, but still, players will be able to choose the skin tone, haircut, as well as clothes and accessories. It is worth noting that appearance and characters will be different in each new short story. Make your characters unique and more stylish.

Romance Club Download

Fascinating stories for every taste

There are currently five stories in Romance Club:

  1. Moon born. A fabulous story in which players play the role of a pretty student Maya. She went on vacation for the holidays and at one point received a letter from an anonymous person. Inside, she discovers a mysterious mask and an invitation to a vampire party. The girl at first took it as a joke, but then decided to join the event. Maya finds herself in a scary and dark mansion that seems uninhabited. However, the student still decides to step over the threshold of this building.
  2. My Hollywood Story. A very funny and romantic story. It tells about a girl who wants to become famous and star in a film. Players can join and go all this way to fame and glory with her. In addition to career achievements, you will also learn about some of the romantic events that a girl expects.
  3. Queen for 30 days. This story allows you to learn the story of a young woman who goes to a small kingdom. There are special rules of conduct in this kingdom. Find out if the hero will be able to make new acquaintances in this place or find true love. Withstand all the trials prepared for her by fate.
  4. Shadows of Saintfor. A mystical story about graduates of a local school in the small town of Saintfor, who, years later, decide to spend the weekend together. Heroes discovered strange things that were not there before. Join them and find out when a group of friends can reveal all the secrets of Saintfor.
  5. Sails in the fog. A great fantasy about a lovely woman named Adelaide who is about to get married. Everything goes well on the day of celebration. All the invited relatives and guests are together, the parents lead the bride to the altar. Nothing portends problems, when suddenly a terrible skeleton appears in the hall with a saber in his hand. He starts attacking the invitees. Find out what is next and how this event will push Adelaide on its path to piracy.

Romance Club Mod

Not every choice can give you what you want

While all the stories in Romance Club are available and completely free, there is one caveat: some special scenes require an additional fee. You can buy it for diamonds, which drop out very rarely. If the player cannot pay them for the scene, then this interesting part of the story will not be available to you. A certain number of gems may be yours due to the system as daily visits. Try not to waste them just to find out all the interesting branches of the main plot of any of the stories.

Multiple types of game currency

As part of the gameplay, two types of in-game currency are available in Romance Club: diamonds and tea. Gems allow players to buy new outfits, change attitude of other characters towards the main character and open access to special scenes. Tea represents a kind of energy with which you can read history. Both of currencies you can receive as a reward for completing the chapter. You can also earn additional currency by watching promotional videos.

Mod Info

Premium choices unlocked.

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